Monday, November 29, 2010

DYI with Liese

I started coloring my hair right after I finish matriculation. It was spur-at-the-moment stuff. I was just going to the saloon to send my brother for his haircut and next thing I know, I was wrapped with the hairdresser's apron?? (is that what that thing called?) and I told him to cut my hair into something edgy. And boy, he really did. I had the mushroom hairstyle. I hate it, so I tousled and waxed into messy tomboy hairdo.

I dyed it gold brown or something like that and straightened it when it grew long. That's the end of my boyish hairstyle. But I'm so addicted to hair coloring and I never stopped coloring my hair since then.

Mahogany blonde 

Light brown

Real blonde

Reddish brown

I colored it too much that some of the colors couldn't blend in which made me had different layers of hair color at once.

I tried red too and it couldn't blend in and faded soon after.

I wanted to be a red head again but I don't think the color can blend in with my damaged hair. My friends kept saying my hair look unhealthy with the roots showing and the uneven color. So, I decided to tone it down a little. And I think someone answered my prayer. Now I can get my hair color with a tiny budget and hustle free. Family and friends, let me introduce to you my new best friend, Liese.

Bubble hair color

It is very convenience as it didn't involve the old school hair coloring technique. With Liese, all that you need to do is apply the bubble directly to your dry hair and massage it gently for 30 minutes and voila, you're hair is colored.

My sister volunteered

Just applied the foam and massaged it to form the bubble

She was having to much fun

and created this with my hair

As you can see, I chose dark chocolate and the end result is great. The color blend in well and my unhealthy orange/yellow hair end is gone. It was awesome and cheap if compared to going to the saloon. One bottle of Liese only costs RM37.80. And they have lots of color choice range from ash brown to mocha orange, sweet pink, cassie berry and lots more. 

Feel free to try this one out. I intends to try every color they had and already bought carrie berry, it would be perfect for my Christmas hair. Oh, if you want to see the end result, please refer to my picture in my sister's engagement party. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My sister big day

The second big day that a little girl always dreamed of is finally here for my sister. She is engaged to Domanic, her boyfriend-now-fiancé. I called it second big day as I imagine the wedding itself is going to be her big day. Since I was still sitting for my exam on the engagement day (25th November 2010), I couldn't helped out with any preparation at home. so, the least that I can do for her is to sponsor her hair and makeup for that night. I rushed to the beauty saloon right after I dropped my luggage and took a quick shower at home. By the time we got our makeup and hair done, it was almost 7.30 and the groom-to-be's family would arrive anytime. Despite all the hustle and rush, we got everything done and the engagement ceremony went really well.

Ain't them lovely? My heart melts <3

My house was totally packed that night with relatives and friends from both sides of the family. It was a simple ceremony where families get together to celebrate the new chapter for their life. After the blessing ceremony, parents from both side filled the guests about the family history and then we ate, drank and dance till almost 3 in the morning. It was simple but filled with joy and laughter. 

I'm not good in giving speech but I want to congratulate the couple. You two are made for each other, it's a perfect match. As you both look forward to the day you're wed, may your love be a reminder of the joy that lies ahead. Happy engagement Nano & Jang. May God bless you both always.

Your truly.

There's more pictures in my Facebook. Happy browsing if you're in my friend list. Oh, yes, my sister is younger than me. :p

Friday, November 19, 2010

The bag challenge

Hi, Mermer :) Thank you for tagging me about the bag challenge. Like any other girls, I always carry a bag with me, either for classes or shopping. Basically, bags are girl's best friend, aside from diamonds, books, music, movies, clothes, accessories, heels. Oh, we girls sure have lots of best friends.

Since I'm at Sibu now, I'm going to use the bag that I took home with me.

Yes, that's a hand-me-down bag from my mum and I like it.

Let's see what's inside, shall we?
Sorry for the mess, I just reached home.

  1. My K800i phone which I rarely use anymore, my main line is Celcom now.
  2. Aiken hand sanitizer and Disney Eskulin hand sanitizer.
  3. My gastric medication, never knew when gastric might hit me.
  4. Doraemon comic. I need something to read on the flight, so I grabbed Vero's comic.
  5. Christian Dior perfume tester sheet. I was bored at Kuching International Airport, so I browsed the shop there. I definitely love CD Addict perfume and I have a feeling I might get it for my Christmas gift.
  6. My purse. Mom bought it for me.
  7. Celcom broadband and external hard disk. Since I carried my laptop with this bag as well, so I put along the broadband and external hard disk in the bag that day.
  8. Pens bought in Popular. I stopped by Popular on the way home and I bought some pens for my exam. I know, I only have two papers left but the exam spirit is still on.
  9. Guardian sticker redemption collection. I stopped by Guardian too on my way home from airport.
  10. Wrigley double-mint chewing gum. Important for fresh breath purpose.
  11. My lipbalm. I need this all the time. Crack lip ain't attractive.
  12. Vick Vapor Rub. I don't know why I carry this all the time. But it might come in handy some time.
  13. Pendrive. Just in case I need to transfer something.
  14. My apartment key in Kuching.
  15. Sony hands free. To save me from boredom and for entertainment purpose.
  16. Clean & Clear Oil Control Sheet and facial tissue. I can't stand oily face and I need tissue all the times.
Actually I have two other items that not included in the pictures. My SE Vivaz which I used to take the picture and my laptop. So, that's all the stuffs in my bag during my trip home. If I'm at Kuching, I would use another bag and sure the contents will be different but not much.

I'd revealed what's in my bag and now it's your turn. Whoever read this is tagged for the challenge. Happy ransacking your bag. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's not talk about today paper

I studied only for the sake of exam. Yes, that's my attitude. If there's no examination, you won't see me reading my notes. Back in secondary school, I never feel the pressure of studying, not even during big examination. But in University, the pressures are everywhere. I did studied, I did played my part as student. Whatever happens next, I don't care anymore. I'm tired. I'm tired of everything.

I feel so hopeless now. Apparently, Ecotourism paper didn't killed me enough and now my car starts giving me problem. Something is wrong with the gearbox/plug/whatever that the car need to function. I hate feeling so helpless and I hate it more when I explained it to my dad, I had to hold back my tears. He calmly told me what to do but it only made me wanna cry more.

Sometimes, little stuffs like this crashing down together and I felt like I couldn't hold everything together anymore. All I want to do is just shut myself in my room and cried my eyes out. A little peace in my own zone is all I need. A place where nobody can disturb me.  Don't take me for granted because one day, I will turn my back and not care anymore. Even as a friend, I get tired too. I need my space too. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Saturday

To do list for today:

  • Doing complete revision for my Ecotourism paper.
  • Compiling notes for Crop Management paper.
  • Adjusting my body clock to normal.
  • Jogging.
Happy Saturday peeps. Nothing excited for my weekend as I already treated my whole weekdays as weekend. I'm drained and my body clock is all messed up. Blame the too many late-night-out-till-dawn. Been catching up with friends three nights in a row. Oh, I should start packing too. Dad booked me a flight home for Raya Haji. Yes, my dad is awesome like that. Ok, I need to clean the dishes now. Bye.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gifts & collections

After my first paper yesterday, I took a day off from studying and reorganizing some of stuffs. It was fun. I stumbled upon some of my forgotten stuffs and it brought back some happy memories. Few weeks ago, I was down due to something and felt totally neglected by my loved ones. Last night, when I was organizing my stuffs, I found my 21st birthday gift package with a printed message from my dad. Then, it hit me. I'm very lucky to have family that love me for whom I am. They put up with my tantrums and bad moods and yet they never love me any less. 

Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive set and Bvlgari perfume set are gifts from my aunt.
Designer Collection from Amway is from a friend and Body Shop White Musk, I bought it myself.

Perfume sample that I took from my aunt.

A girl must-have.

Toiletries that I brought home from hotels that I'd stayed in this year.

Key chains/bracelet/anklet/gifts from friends.

You know what else I found last night? 

Tons of movies ticket that I forgot to throw away.
I found some in my bags, some among the receipts, some in my books.
Well, one conclusion, I'm a cinema addict.

These might be your typical stuffs but each of these brought me my great memories. I like it when I saw, for example, my anklet that I bought with my munyits at one of the shop near waterfront, I remembered the occasion. It was after our final exam in our second year first semester. It was sort of a celebration because we had great time laughing and worrying about nothing after the exam. Each item has a story to tell. A story that I treasured.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving on vs holding on

"It's hard to decide whether you should moving on after holding on for so long. The reason that keep you holding on all this time is also the reason why you should moving on. It's tiring to keep on hoping for something that might never come. At least you did tried to play your part and maybe this is it. Nothing more nothing less. Everything much easier this way. You got nothing to lose, except maybe a few tears and heart break along the way. But it did made you stronger, didn't it? Well, that's a gain."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

In between

Despite all the hiccups in doing my progress report and trying to study for final exam, I still managed to steal some time to have fun. Well, actually my statement should be like this, despite all the desire to have fun and just enjoy myself, I had to force myself to study. That's more like it.

My progress report for my Final Year Project is really killing me. I submitted it yesterday and boo yah, it was rejected. The reason? My supervisor want it to be in thesis format, like a master thesis. I had been struggling hard to meet his demand but sometimes I couldn't help but wish I chose other supervisor. 

I had been studying in Unimas for almost 3 years and during this period, I can count my visit to CAIS (library) with a single hand. But for my stupid thesis, I proudly announced that this semester, I had been to CAIS for quite a few times till I lost count. Don't get me wrong, I love books and library but not my university library. Too many  unnecessary rules.

Formal education book *yawn*

To kick off the stress of doing the thesis, I took a day off on Thursday, that's when Ik offered to cook lunch for us in our flat. We went to Stutong wet market and done a little food shopping. Our menu was Bak Ku Teh , fried prawn with sauce and eggplant with sambal. Marvellous, we totally stuffed ourselves full. It felt like Sunday because everything was so relaxing.

Yummy much eh?

I shall end this post with a tired looking camwhore picture of me. Lately, I had lost my camwhore mojo, so that shall explain the lack of my self picture.

The face looked dull, blame the stress from thesis writing! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Study week

Notice the Word documents on my desktop? That's what I had been doing these few days. Writing my progress report and rushing assignments. So much for my study week. I haven't read any notes yet and my first paper starts on 8 November. Please pray for me for my final. I'll start revision once I finish all my work, hopefully by tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wind Cave & Gunung Gading (Part 2)

Here comes the second part of my caving and jungle trekking in Wind Cave and Gunung Gading. Enjoy!

#1 Too dark inside the cave, we had to hold on to each other

#2 The stairwell in the cave

#3 The rocks in the cave

#4 Weird rock formation

#5 Rock vandalism perhaps?

#6 Finally out of the dark

#7 Group picture. We all were sweating because it was hot inside the cave.
Don't get fool by the name, it's Wind Cave but no wind and it was humid too.

#8 Having lunch at Lundu before we move on to Gunung Gading.

#9 Hiking in style. It was raining when we reached there and everything was wet and beautiful.

#10 All sweat and tired.

#11 The simplest trail.

There are not much pictures from Gunung Gading as it was my second time there. Like last time, we only chose the simplest trail because we were only looking for a leisure walk. But we were lucky this time because we managed to catch (hear in my case) the blooming Rafflesia. Why it was hear in my case? Well, the blooming Rafflesia was slightly off the trail and everyone was so excited to see it. I was damn tired after the trekking and not exactly in the mood to push my way with the crowd to catch it. So, all I heard was "wah, it was big" "it was smelly".

*Like usual, the photos are all the courtesy of Angie.