Thursday, February 24, 2011


I had made a long list of stuff to pack for my tomorrow trip, I even already plan which bags to bring. Then then, my lecturer posted in our course page in Facebook that we're only allowed to bring ONE (1) bag for a freaking 8 days field trip. ='= what a killjoy. 

Never mind that, Vero and I had another plan in mind. We will bring bags in a bag. Hehe Actually, this field trip was supposed to be done last semester but due to some reasons (budget, timing etc etc) they postponed it to this semester. At first we all got very excited like "yeah, finally, some travelling and one whole week away from classes" But now, when everything is finalized and the trip is tomorrow, suddenly 8 days seems like a very long time. 8 days away from classes, away from Internet (yes, I'm aware that I depend too much on the net, the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is surfing the net), and most importantly, 8 days away from friends. In case you're wondering, there are certain friends that I must see at least once a week, be it a simple dinner, a stroll at Waterfront or a wild night at club. Bottom line, I have to meet them and hang out. One whole week without them kinda make me feel empty. With our crazy schedules, it gets even harder to meet everyone nowadays. I even had to say no to Harold tonight because I have to pack and prepare for tomorrow journey.

Plus, I hate travelling for a long journey with bus, I get carsick and it ain't pretty. I'll thrown up and get dizzy and of course grumpy. Finger cross it won't happen tomorrow. Let's look at the bright side, the route for this trip is Batang Ai-Sri Aman-Bintulu-Miri-Kuching. Easy to say that we will cover Sarawak (via road). I never been to Batang Ai before, heard it is a beautiful place. It should be, it is one of the popular tourist site in Sarawak. By the way, this is a combined field trip for 3 subjects which probably means that we have to prepare more than one report. ='= another killjoy.

Hmm, I should start packing now. Oh, I actually have another trip after this trip, it is a getaway trip but I don't want to spill it out now. Scare of jinx, mind you, it happened to me last year. Got excited for nothing, burnt my dad money just like that. So I better keep quiet now.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting inked

I always wanted a tattoo. Been giving this matter a lot of thought since last year. I was so determine to get one last year but to no avail. I confided in a friend and he wanted me to wait till my 22nd birthday, just few days after my birthday, he asked me again about my decision and the images of blood and cringe-faced tattoo customers at Ruai tattoo convention in January stalled me. It hurts. 

I even talked to my parents about getting a tattoo and they are very supportive. But my dad has one condition though, no some strange and weird tattoo designs. That's all. He said it will be even better if I get a tribal design, the traditional Iban design. My aunt suggested "Bunga Terung" but I don't really fancy that. Another friend suggested tattooing name on my body. Hmmm, somebody name on my body?? No, thanks. I don't even want to get myself inked with my own name, let alone someone else name.

Recently, my sister asked me again about my decision and I stalled again. I really wanted to get one but I got mixture reaction from my friends. I got one friend whom really against the thought of me getting myself inked. She has one and she hates it. I personally thought she actually hates the design. LOL. 

Looks like I stalled too long and my sister got tired of waiting for me. So, she went to get inked yesterday. 

That's not the original design that she wanted but I love her tattoo. Does it hurts? Hell yeah, it hurts. She said it took about one hour and a half to get this done. Imagine you're getting your ear pierced but without the spray (the one that made your ear cold to lessen the pain) and the process went on for an hour and a half, that's how it felt, she told me. By the way, hers was done with the machine, not the traditional "ketuk" way.

Seeing she got hers done only made me want to get mine done even stronger. Finger cross, I'll get mine before Gawai this year. And I kinda heard that my mom wants to join me as well '___'

Nah, here's the proof that I always wanted to get tattoo. It was the closest attempt that I got. 

Fake tattoo made by glitter ink

Xiao S designed this for me and it lasted for a week

Please ignore my vain attempt. It was back during my Matriculation days. And if I get one done, I won't use my name as my design. I promise.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend that I miss

The weekend in my home with my family is a typical one. My dad or mom will wake me and the sisters up around 9++ am and told us to get ready for breakfast outing. As usual, we will mumbled or groaned a "yeah" but covered ourselves under the comfy duvet. Another 30 minutes passed and the parents will wake us up again. This time, me and little sis will fight about who should hit the shower first and she will lose every time. So, I will have extra 10-15 minutes sleep while waiting for her to come out of the shower.

The parents will wait patiently in front of the television while us girls getting ready. The wait is usually about 1 hour because us girls can't decide what to wear and the little sis usually change her outfit at least once meanwhile me and second sis need time to do our makeup. Yeah, we're the bimbo sisters. So, by the time we hit the road, it was about noon. Then the breakfast plan will automatically change into lunch plan. 

After a simple lunch, we will shopped around a little and hit home to chill and relax. We will camp in front of the television watching whatever channel that my dad fancied because weekend is his turn to control the remote control and nobody will fight for it with him. Seeing everyone is lazing around, Pino will take this opportunity to "manja" with us. He loves belly rub and and treats. 

If my cousins are in town, the little ones will nag us to take them to Taman Jubli Bukit Aup, a park near my house to feed the fish there. A peaceful stroll in the park while attending the kids, the simple thing in life that make me happy, apart from shopping of course :)

Ok fine, confession: I'm homesick. Just got back to Kuching a week ago and I'm marking my calendar for my next homecoming and it's in freaking MAY. I miss the comfort of home, the craziness of my siblings, the warm love of my parents, the warm barking of Pino, the midnight date with my friends, I miss them all. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo diary- January

In January, I went through:


Flat tyre. I still have no idea how to change one.

Had my first taste of macaroon. Too sweet for my liking.

Went to my first prom


Simple gathering with my coursemate. 

This picture don't do us justice. Here's a better one.
With our Korean exchange student inter frame at the back.


Going back home for CNY


Great month of January just ended and now it's time for February to bring us love and joy. Please be awesome, February. I'm counting on you before March march in (pun intended) with exams and pilling up assignments and thesis editing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pre Chinese New Year gathering

After leaving secondary school, my friends and I parted way and pursued what best for us. But that doesn't means that our friendship ends there. We still keep in touch and tried our best to have our little reunion from time to time. And what's more perfect than during Chinese New Year to have another reunion because almost everyone of us are in town for the festival. 

This little reunion was a bit different than what our had before as we had something up our sleeves. Hoe decided to throw a surprise birthday celebration for Miao and Lily. Actually both of their birthdays are around the end of February but an early celebration won't hurt. The best part of this surprise was Hoe told Miao that we will surprise Lily and he then told Lily that we will surprise Miao. 

The looks on their faces when they saw two cakes were priceless and yet they both still singing and clapping for each other, hahaha. 

Lily with her cake

Miao's super naughty cake

Ivy, Miao, Lily and me.

I had known them since Form 1, it's almost 10 years already. In fact, Ivy and I had been classmate since Primary 1, wow, it's a long 16 years of friendship. So we're basically growing up together, witnessing each other transformed from a curious kid into teenager and finally a woman perhaps.

With Hoe, the culprit.

The ladies, Ah Loi, Ivy, Lily, Miao. me and Ella
Ah Loi and Ella are actually siblings, can you tell?

Suit her well, lol

Still sober

Hmmm, not so sober anymore

I can't believe it'd been 4 years after secondary school. Whenever I see them, it feels like I'm seventeen again, we're back to school, going to tuition together and our worries are just the pimples that can't seem to go away. Hmmm, memories of being a teenager.

Anyway, for those whom celebrate Chinese New Year, Happy Rabbit Year! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The month of surprises, cakes and candles

Karaoke on my 22nd birthday

Every weeks in January, one of my friends turned older wiser and of course it's a cue for surprises and celebrations. Pfft, in January alone I had eaten 8 cakes, now that explains my growing tummy. But I'm not complaining, I had too much fun with great friends and well, awesome people were born on January. 

Some pictures are the courtesy of Harold and Vero.