Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Finised my exam paper today, got home and switched on the TV just in time to catch a glimpse of Kate Middleton got into Rolls Royce on her way to Westminster Abbey. I seriously thought I miss the whole ceremony since the NTV 7 started the live program at 3.30pm. 

My timing couldn't be more perfect. The whole holy matrimony service was lovely and beautiful. Westminster Abbey is magnificently beautiful, decorated with 8 English maple trees which signify "RESERVE and HUMILTY" for the wedding. I was so nervous when Kate walked down the aisle with her father, Michael Middleton. I felt like a proud mother watching her own daughter getting married. Drama queen much, eh? Admit it, I know you guys felt the same way too.

Kate's wedding dress is beautiful. The lace, the train, the veil, I love everything. Her wedding dress is by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen and the lace on her dress was embroidered at Hampton Court Palace. Her train is 2.7 meters long! Her satin shoes which we didn't get to see was hand embroidered with lace by Royal School of Needlework. 

One word, gorgeous isn't she <3

Her tiara is the tiara that given by George VI to his wife, the late Queen Mother in 1936. She had her hair down, it was styled by James Pryce at Richard Ward Saloon. After the ceremony, the newlywed were escorted leaving Abbey in a 1902 open-topped state landau carriage to the Palace. Among the guests at the wedding ceremony are Sir Elton John with David Furnish, the Beckhams, Rowan Atkinson, Sultan of Brunei, Earl Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana and Prince Harry girlfriend (ex?) Chelsy Davy.

At the Palace, the beaming newlywed made the popular balcony appearance to the massive crowds. With the popular balcony appearance, how could they forget the kiss!

Crowd-friendly newlywed sealed their wedding with not just a kiss but two

After the first kiss, the crowd were chanting "Kiss her again" and the Prince William turned to Kate for another light kiss. Awwww, I'm melting.... This wedding is the fairy tale wedding that a girl ever dreamed of. Watching the wedding live made me felt like I'm in part of wedding though I was a thousand miles away. I don't know them personally but I feel so happy for them. 

The newlywed first wedding gift was from Queen Elizabeth. The Queen gifted them as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. From a commoner to Duchess, that's impressive! But what's important is Kate is marrying the love of her life after being together for a decade. Here's a toast for the newlywed, congratulation for the royal wedding, may the road ahead as man and wife is paved with happiness and joy for them.

"Marriage should transform as husband and wife make one another their work of art"- Lord Bishop of London.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exactly what I feel right now

Need I say more?

I know you can relate to this

I found a Y U NO website through Grace. I been seeing lots of Y U NO meme lately and I can totally relates to some. Trust me, it takes ranting to whole new level and actually will make you feel better, at least in my case when I read others meme. Wanted to generate my own Y U NO meme but the meme generator is down. Pffft, bummer! 

Y U NO fix ur generator??


This few days I'd spent hours and hours on the internet like usual, but I wasn't blog-hopping, I was on Youtube watching Michelle Phan makeup tutorial. I heard about her a year ago but I wasn't a big fan back then. Merely because my internet was suck and it took forever for the video to buffer, I alway get frustrated and give up halfway through the video. But last few days, my internet line was superb. So instead of studying, I watched her videos for hours. 

Her makeup seems effortless but when I watched the video, I realized she really paid attention to every little details to her makeup technique like highlighting, perfect concealing and blending. Once I even referred to her prom makeup tutorial above for my own prom. But of course, mine was just average because I only have the basics and I done my makeup cincai with no techniques at all. 

Michelle did her DIY videos too and I found one that I wanted to try. I have blackheads on my nose and chin area and pore strips had always been my best friend. But honestly, it is expensive. Michelle's idea seems easy and I can't wait to try it out, let see if it works.

That's all for now peeps, I wanna go back to my video-watching. Hope you're hooked too. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Luck

Will sit for my first paper tomorrow and I'm not even halfway through my notes. Guess it will be another "burning the late night oil" night for me tonight. Haih, this happened every semester and yet I never learnt my lesson *smack forehead*

I have to sit for 6 papers this semester and the first week of final is the busiest and crucial week for me because I have 3 papers for two days straight. Really need a lot of luck for this one. But after that, I will have one paper per week. 

I should get back to my revision now. Been taking 2 hours break for dinner and procrastination. Good luck to my friends out there.

Bye, nerd mode on.

p/s: My hair is long already :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of study and party

After much struggling writing the paper for the conference, finally everything is done. Paper sent, poster printed. Hopefully everything goes well during the conference itself which will be held at CAIS auditorium on 19th and 20th April. I also sent my thesis draft to my supervisor last Friday, got it checked on the spot and I still need to work on my result and discussion and make it more comprehensive. My supervisor wants the 'repaired' draft on Monday which I haven't started 'repairing' anything yet. Sigh, procrastination got the best of me, always wait till the very last minute to do anything. 

You know you're not that important when they misspell your name  -__-

After all the hard work, I went partying with the usual mates. My favorite reason for party: birthday. As usual, we got ready around 7 something but only departed together at 10pm. The boys, they need more time than us the ladies to get ready. ='=  The traffic that night wasn't helping at all, the whole road from ICATS to Stutong area was jammed and we need to do illegal u-turn to avoid the traffic jam. But still, it took us one hour to reach Homecook for late dinner. 

Originally, we wanted to go to King Arm but the price was ridiculously high. RM500 for a crate of pints and a bottle of liquor??! So, we settled for Check-In at Travillion area. Lucky us ladies, Friday is Ladies Night. The free flow of Vodka really made me happy. Can't really remember how many times I refilled my drinks. Partying with the mates always awesome. Limbo-ing with them and dancing around till my feet hurt so bad. The crazier the party, the crazier the hangover, it's only fair that way. I spent my whole Saturday nursing myself recovering hard from the party. Damn, my whole body ache and I got few bruises and cuts, it must be from the broken glasses. Accidentally broke some at the club when I leaned against the table, opss :p

Tomorrow is the starting of my study week already, man, time flies so fast! But I foresee my study week will fill with thesis writing, conference and procrastinating as well. It will be my final exam for my degree (hopefully, finger cross for me) After that, I need to get ready for my Final Year Project presentation and of course packing for real this time because I will move back to my hometown, Sibu. That's the plan after I think everything through. I want to spend my time with my family before I settle down for career, anywhere it takes me. Ok, I lie. I have no future plan yet. OMG, what should I do after finishing my degree?? Take a gap year (or months)? Start to fill in every job application? Rest at home for awhile? Take a part-time job? I'm totally clueless. 

Anyway, I had bought some food supply for my *ehem* study revision. Trust me, whenever I look at my notes, I will feel hungry/sleepy/tired. No new stationary for exam this time. I will recycle whatever I have in my pencil case. Good luck for my friends whom gonna sit for the final exam. Let's rock our undergraduate final exam!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wishlist #1



I had seen some people pairing brogue with either dress, shorts or pants, it looks fantastic. I just fell in love with the look. A cross between being chic and masculine, not too girly but yet not too manly. Definitely rock the casual outfit and look pretty lay back to me. I had done some survey in One Jaya but too bad they didn't cater my need. I saw some in Vincci before but I didn't try it on. Maybe it is time to go back and try on some of their brogues. Who knows, they might have what I need. And besides, Vincci is the only store that carry my size, UK3. Yup, I have small feet.



I want a new purse, most preferable something simple like in the picture above. Mine is old and it's time to get a new one. So far I already check in MANGO but their stocks are old. Have to wait till the new batch coming in, and hopefully with some designs that I like. 

I had lost my shopping desire lately. I couldn't remember when was the last time I carried shopping bags home. Heck, I couldn't even remember what was my last purchase. My situation lately is either I'm on the hunt for something that I want but couldn't find it or I found something I like but I'm already broke. Haih, what a twist. Retail therapy failed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rasberry jam

I spent about 3 hours and more everyday hopping from blog to blog, getting inspiration from the awesome bloggers out there. Lately, I'm getting hooked on fashion blogs. I just love going through their archive, looking at their personal fashion shoot in their everyday life. Recently, I discovered an amazing blog which benefits me not just for my fashion inspiration but for my academic as well. 

It is a blog of an 21-years old fashion blogger/student from Germany, Cheon-Hwa S. I love her style, from her everyday outfits to her makeup. You know what's greater? She writes in German and English. I took German language as my elective this semester and it is fun. Reading her blog is one of my way to practice my German and at the same time, I can feed my eyes with her fashion spread. Kills two birds with a stone, eh? 

Did I mention that she writes in English too? So afraid not if you can't understand German, she translate everything. Feel free to stop by her blog at to practice your German or just to peek at her outfit posts. Happy browsing peeps!

Taken from Rasberry Jam

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I dedicated my weekend writing thesis last week. Knowing me, I never like working/studying during weekend  because I rarely staying in the house for the weekend. But right now, thesis is my priority, so I got to do what it takes. In between typing and surfing the net, I couldn't help but to notice how horrible my skin had become. Super visible dark circle, zits popping out at some area, dull get it, don't you?

So, I just stopped typing and started digging some essential for my skin. And look at what I found, 

  • Skin Food Egg White Pack peel-off mask
  • Skin Food Papaya Yogurt Mask
  • Skin Food Cucumber Soothing Mask
  • Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub (which I put in the empty container of my Body Shop Body Scrub because I stole this from my home, too expensive for me, besides I only need just a pinch of it so no need to buy it myself, just refill whenever I go back to Sibu)
  • Nair wax strip (got to get rid of those unwanted hair)

Time for some tender, love and care for my poor skin.
After scrub

Actually I wanted to paint my nails also but then I remember I have a lots of typing to do and couldn't wait for the paint to dry. Next time maybe. Hopefully after some tender, love and care, my skin will get better. During the end of every semester my skin confirm will breakout. Is there any way to stay stress-free?? 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just go with it

Watched this movie last Friday and I love it. If it's Adam Sandler's movie, you should expect nothing but lots of laughter. We were laughing from the starting of the movie until it ended. It was a light-hearted romantic comedy that anyone could relate too, I'm talking about taking your friend for granted and only to realize how special she/he is until you're about to lose them to someone else, not the lies you told just to get into a girl's bed. Sorry, spoiler's alert. 

Adam Sandler's sense of humor is awesome. He's the best comedian ever. Every jokes are hilarious, or is it just me whom hmmm have a slight crush on him. Anyway, I feel like going to Hawaii after watching the movie. The scene at the waterfall just amazed me. Totally made me miss my waterfall moments with the friends. Swimming in the cold running river is a total stress reliever for me. Anyway, I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5. Thumbs up for Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

By the way, if you happen to have meal at The Spring Food Court, you should try their Fettuccine Carbonara from the Western stall. It was super delicious and creamy. I tried it once and had it again during my next visit to the Food Court. Writing about the carbonara made me hungry, gotta dig some foods now. Bye.

Spoiled little fella

I miss Pino very much. Didn't get the chance to meet him when I stopped by Sibu during my field trip last time. So it makes it exactly 2 months since I last hugged him. Every time I called my parents, I never failed to ask about him. My mom always filled me in with his updates, how he refused to take his bath and hiding away, when my sister had to chase him around the neighborhood to get him home after his evening walk.  

This little fella is spoiled, especially by my dad and brother. Last few weeks, my brother bought 3 new shirts for him. He already got lots of shirts which some he didn't wear anymore because some couldn't fit him anymore. 

It's obvious that Pino is a lazy fella. But he hates to be left behind. Doesn't matter where you go, he follows. When my sister doing her homework, he laying on her book, when my mom reads the paper, he sits on the paper, when I'm taking my bath, he waits outside the door for me. 

I miss this naughty fella. How I wish I could go back during study week. Too bad my exam schedule is kinda pack, will have my first paper on the first day of exam week. Like usual, when it comes to the end of the semester, the pressure is going sky high. Lots of reports, assignment and thesis writing to be done, to top that,  I have an aerobic exercise presentation in 2 weeks time. Arg, I'm kinda freaking out with all the datelines and pressure. 

Breath in breath out, hang in there Suz! Just relax, that's what my dad told me when I told him about the stress. But my dad and I have very different definition of relax. Mine is including some retails therapy but his is enjoying himself watching the television. But whatever that works, right Dad? Hehe..