Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday week

Finally, a proper birthday post! Notice how I named this post title "Birthday Week" instead of birthday? That's because I was celebrating my birthday for the whole week *like a boss* hahahaha. Great timing that my birthday was a week before CNY, so everybody are coming home and I'm not forever alone anymore. 
Since I had multiple celebrations, I'm gonna break this post according to the venues and try as hard as I could to write down every details before my memory fails me wtf.

At Cafe-cafe Giant

So the earliest celebration or surprise was a day before my actual birthday. My bestie from high school just came back and she said we all should had a gathering dinner together. I thought it was just another dinner and catching up session with the girls until her brother (who worked at Cafe-cafe) brought out a cake for me. So sweet, thanks dearest Miao!

Potato Tuna Salad 

My birthday cake- Banana Cheese Cake

BBQ Crispy Chicken Wings- Sara's favorite

We had lamb satay also

Bestie throughout my school years- Miao & Sara

Picture quite blur cause Iphone front camera kinda sucks

Thank you so much for the celebration and your gift *wink* dear. It felt so good to catch up with the girls, we basically talked about everything under the sun. You guys can read Miao's version of the night here. I hate that time flies so fast. Last Saturday, we're sending Sara off to airport because this brave girl decided to work at Bangkok. Today, it's Miao turn to fly off to KK for her study :( and I will stuck in Sibu starting a new phase in my life.

At work

I seriously didn't expect any celebration at work because we all have to be *ahem* professional and nobody even wished me a simple "Happy Birthday" when I came in the morning. But my colleagues are awesome. They acted like it was just another day but when the clock strike 4.30, they surprised me with a cheese cake. 

Our characters after office hours hehehe

I'm very superstitious at work that's why I have all these gold decorated at my desk, so that more business will come in, wtf! Decided to decorate my cake with the golds too for more $$$ in life hahaha

At home

I was rushing home from work because I had birthday dinner that night. But whom knew, my family locked my outside because they were throwing me another surprise. I'm never felt so love all my life except during my birthday. Once for my 21st birthday day, my family drove all the way from Sibu to Kuching just to spend the weekend with me. <3 friends may come and go, but family are forever.

I've made enough wishes on every candles that I've blew, let's hope the magic works.

At Baba & Siam I

At my actual birthday night, I went out for dinner with childhood/netball/college/hubby Xiao S. She just came back a day before so it was a perfect timing for catch up. My birthday outfit was the mermaid skirt from Azorias. Finally got the chance to wear it out.

Camwhoring in the toilet *old habit die hard*

My favorite bolognaise spaghetti 

Xiao S super duper large burger, even four of us couldn't finish it

She made the collage for me <3

Got a free vanilla mango pudding because it was my birthday *Totally feel like a boss*

At Cafe-Cafe I

I was kinda tired after going out non-stop for the whole week but my friends insisted on having reunion dinner as everyone was back for holiday. So, we went to the original Cafe-Cafe outlet for a simple dinner. Turned out, it was another birthday surprise. I know I know, my friends are awesome.

Another cheese cake

Again with Xiao S

My wishes better come true, I'm tired of blowing candles already

Finally, a group picture!

Truth is, I wasn't really anticipating my birthday this year. I kept feeling like shit, I'm old! But with the celebrations and wishes from the loved one, I feel so contented. At least I know these are the people that I should treasure, whom would go an extra mile just for me. I'm not growing old, I'm growing wiser. wtf! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seafood galore

You know how Sabah is popular with its seafood. Everywhere you go around KK town, there's a seafood restaurant at almost every corner. So, I had seafood dinner every night during my stay there. And I was just recovering from my skin allergic so I had to go slow on my seafood consumption, just as precaution. But the next day, I couldn't care less and stuffed myself with lots and lots of prawns and fish. 

We arrived late in the evening and went straight to 1Borneo after checking in at hotel. First meal in KK would be an early dinner at Nyonya House in 1B. 

Opt for fresh juice
#1 Curry fish

#2 Squid

#3 Lady finger Nyonya style



The next night, we went for fresh seafood dinner at the Philippines Market. No pictures tho cause we were hungry to the max after coming back from Manukan Island. But the food was great but the service, well you know it la..

Third night, we went to Kimbo ( ) Restaurant for another round of seafood dinner. At this point, I was starting to get sick of seafood. 

#6 Giant coconut crab




#10 Non halal Pork BBQ rice for lunch on the fourth day

#11 Ermm pork noddles?

#12 Peanut butter toast
That was our lunch on the 4th day at Hong Kong Noodles House in 1B. No pictures for food on 3rd day because we were exploring Kundasang and Poring. 

A round of frozen yogurt after shopping.

#13 I wish Sibu has Tutti Frutti

At night, we went to Ocean Village for another seafood dinner (duh). No pictures because moi was tired and grumpy. All that I wanted to do at that time was skipped dinner and went for body massage. My whole body was in pain and had terrible muscle sore after all the hiking and trekking at Poring. No, I didn't get massage treatment in the end. ='= 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My first 2012 challenge has failed miserably. It is impossible to spend only RM100 for two weeks. Seriously, even for basic necessity like petrol and food, it will exceed RM100 somehow. #financialplanningfail.

Actually I was doing good for the first week, I even jotted down my spending in a little notebook. But came the weekend and I started to have a sudden craving for Double Cheese Burger from McD. I kept thinking that I had been working really hard and deserved a little something nice. Without a second thought, I drove to McD and next thing I knew, I only had a fraction of RM100 for my petrol and totally forgot about the little notebook.

Though the challenge has failed but I'm doing good in my spending, at least I think so. I'm saving for something bigger, something that I want to do more in 2012. Travelling, of course! Finger crossed for me.

By the way, I had a wonderful birthday celebration with my friends and family yesterday. The celebration started a day before my actual birthday. All thanks for my bestie with her surprise during dinner. :) Growing old with lots of love from family and friends is the ideal way for me. Will blog about it soon. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

KK haul

Finally, a shopping haul post from my trip to KK. Like you've seen in the previous post, the vacation to KK was mainly for sight-seeing and relaxing. So, our time in the malls were very limited, thus my haul is not much. I think the only shop that I spent the most time in is Sasa. Basically, it's my heaven. In my 4 days stay there, I went to Sasa twice, for more than an hour each time. 

My hauls
Mostly everything are from Sasa, only my shadow brush, dark circle eye mask (at the bottom right) and some BB cream and collagen cream samples are from Etude House.

Bought Dr. G BB cream
I bought two actually because Sasa was having Christmas sale and everything were either 20-50% less or buy one free one. I already started using Dr. G BB cream for two weeks and I absolutely love it. It is not oily and blend perfectly into my skin color. I totally skipped facial powder because the BB cream covered everything.

Pore Puffy clear make up base
Haven't use this one yet because I had been staying at home most night. No go out = no make up = no trying this make up base. I do not use this at morning because I'm too lazy to wake up early and do my make up properly. These day I just slapped on my skin care, BB cream, drew eyeliner, put on mascara, dabbed on blusher and ready to dash to work.

Bought 3 pieces of these for RM10.
I used this before when I was in KL, didn't see any difference that it do to my eyes but I bought it still cause it's cheap. 

Cyber Color auto eyebrow pen
One in brown and one in light brown. Rarely use eyebrow pen because I have no idea how to draw mine T_T
But now that I have these, I shall start practice.

Roller massager 
To get rid of my cellulite, FML. 
Used it religiously last week and I think it worked a bit, but now the massager sits at a lonely corner in my room.

Canmake liquid eyeliner
Love this to the max because it is sweat and oil proof.
Can last from morning till night and no need touch up.

Etude shadow brush
Haven't try this one yet because I don't have eye shadow palette.

Maybelline lip balm
For my chapped lip

Paul Frank Lip Smacker

A bold red jeans from Brand Outlook
Actually I wasn't planning on buying any clothes because I already done quite a damage to my account from my online shopping. But a red jeans is a must in one wardrobe, plus it was on sale.

An awkward 2 inches pumps and wedges from Vincci (the only store that carry my shoe size)
I once told myself that I won't buy an awkward 2 inches heels because it is alang-alang, not high enough and not even flat. But I take back my words now because wearing a 3 and a half inches everyday to work is killing my feet, so I settle for anything that is comfortable. Comfort > style now.

If you see in my #2 pic up there, there's a hair curler too. I forgot to take picture of the hair curler ops!. I tried it once before and I haven't master the art of curling yet and my curls turned out to be a mess. I also bought an I <3 KK shirt and a sarong for beach getaway. Too lazy to take it out of my wardrobe so no picture.
Oh well, that's a wrap for my shopping haul in KK.