Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The So Called Holiday

Remember how excited I was to take 10 days off work and doing nothing? Well, now that I'm on my fourth day and currently at my kampung, I feel very bored. Bored because there's absolutely nothing to do. No channels to watch because no Astro, no place to go because no proper transport, plus no place to go also. Can't properly surfing the internet or watch Youtube because I have to survive on the weak connection of my broadband.

Basically, I feel like I'm being home jailed.

Yesterday I tried to watch Inception. Tried because I didn't finish it, my laptop volume too low, already turned it to the max and I still couldn't properly hear a single thing. And the movie quite boring also or it is because I didn't pay attention at all.

Then, I rummaged my laptop and rediscovered my e-books which I got from my friends before I graduated. Read 4 pages and I stopped. Lost my interest because the book was targeted for teenagers and I'm old already.

I tried taking nap also. Felt like I had been napping for an hour but when I woke up, I realized I just napped for 15 minutes. At this point of my life, I don't mind going back to work. At least I got something to do.

The main reason I feel this way is because I resent this place. There's nothing that I can do here. I hate the people here. Too hypocrite. Never mind, 4 more days to go and I'll be back to the city.

Can't upload pictures because the line is too noob. Sigh.

I can't live without internet.

Updated! Finally can upload pictures after trying for whole afternoon and re-sizing the pictures. 

Instead of taking the public express boat, we rented a speedboat for only us to go back to kampung this time. Less hassle and faster.

Our stuff filled the boat. It was really a small boat with only 6 seats including the driver. 

Bye bye Sibu, bye bye streamxy, bye bye comfort bed, bye bye fast food, see you guys after one week wtf.

Me sitting rather "comfortably". As you can see, the seat is made up of an old car seat and the head rest is leaning forward which I hate so much because I couldn't place my head properly there. If I did, I will end up in a very awkward position which my head will constantly facing down. 

There you go, face of the girl who whine.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Being Happy

I had been feeling very happy lately, especially early in the morning. I woke up with a super happy mood even with only 4 hours plus of sleep. Miracle! Because I'm never a morning person. I don't know why but I feel super grateful with what I have in my life right now. For once, I'm happy and contented.

I'm happy that I'm still be able to wake up and start a fresh new day.

I'm happy that my hair and make up is perfect when I go to work.

I’m happy that May almost coming to its end. Hello paycheck, hello holiday!

I’m happy that today is my last day working before enjoying my 10 days off work. Awesome!

I’m happy that the bf never fails to crack me up.

I’m happy that I’m going for a trip soon. New place new adventure, all by myself.

Maybe I’m just grateful for everything just because. My whine and rants are sometimes so unnecessary. Those are just some petty issues in my life and don’t even affect me as a whole. Others have more serious issue going on in their life like health problem, family matter or career issue. And mine are just peanut if compared to theirs.

Besides, there are so many good things coming and it is much easier for me to overlook the bad one and focus on the good one instead. Undeniably, I do get upset by some incidents or remark that happened to me. I’d curse and whine but after that I’d just forget about that and move on with life.

It doesn’t take much for one to be happy, honestly. Just count your blessing, your limbs and organs are working fine, you have food prepared for you on the table, you have roof over your head and comfortable shelter to sleep in every night. Your basic necessity as human is fulfilled, shouldn’t you be grateful? I know I am. That’s what I keep reminding myself of.

Maybe that explains the happiness that bursting inside of me. Positive thinking is definitely the best pick-me-up. Try it! Spread the happiness around.

Sorry for the long winding wordy post. Here are some pictures to compensate for that. Taken from my Instagram. Sort of like a pop up version of Instagram picture from my right sidebar. 

Went to yoga the other day and it felt so good to sweat. Sorry I accidentally captured that woman's ass, LOL

Weighted myself and found out I've lost some weight, again.

My very own fettucine carbonara. I made this and been having it twice since last week. 

Got sick of carb, so I made fish porridge one night.

Pino with his new haircut. He's turning 4 this year. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Money talk

I never know the exact value of money until I've started to earn my own money. Back forward a year ago, I could just ask for money from my dad to support my expenses. Back then, my priority when it came to spending was make-up, new tops, the gorgeous dress and stunning heels. Vain and materialistic, that was me a year ago.

A year later, I'm still the same me. Vain, checked. Materialistic, checked. But this time, with a different priority. Suddenly, I become a lot more careful when it comes to my spending, trying hard to differentiate my needs from my wants. Although, I got lost in between sometimes.

When I'm the one who work my ass off to earn the moolah, suddenly the stunning bag or gorgeous dress  do need seems like a wise splurge anymore. Growing up means more responsibility. I got loan to pay, bills to settle and need to start saving for future.

I have no idea how this happened. But the more I've earned, more things I need to pay for, simply because I have more wants. Haih..being a girl is not easy. We girls always become the easiest consumer to target. I myself having trouble to say no to anything that I've laid my eyes on. Sometimes I wonder whether I really need that extra eyeliner but my body is working against me. Hand automatically picked it up and my feet dragged me to counter to pay for it and I went home happily knowing that I have something new.

I was doing my monthly budget the other day and realized that if I keep my impulse buying habit, my saving account will never grow. Something needs to change obviously. Damn, capping my own spending is no fun. But for the brighter future with more heels, handbags and travelling experience, I must start saving now.

Well, I guess this is a part of adulthood. Yucks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding & Party

Okay, time to talk about the wedding, the reason why I went to Kuching with my family. We went back quite early to the hotel to get ready for the wedding dinner that day. But no matter how early we were, we're still late and my dad kept checking on us, hurrying us up ='=

The props. That's just part of it.

I was feeling hiao s0 I put on fake eyelashes. The eyelashes is from The Face Shop that I bought in 2009. Only wore in once before for my prom night. Took the effort to put on earrings too, an white gold earring from TAKA (not the Taka cake house, okay). It was a gift from an admirer when I was still in high school, lol. 

My outfit. The leopard mermaid tail skirt from Azorias.

My clutch is my mom's gift clutch from Bvlgari for purchasing the perfume. I know, I'm such a cheapskate. No extra money to spare to get a new clutch, so I just grab whatever I have.

Stupid hair not behaving that night, kept splitting anyplace they wanted.

Waiting for dinner to be served

The newlyweds!

Trying to fix the hair and it turned into a camwhore pic

After the dinner, I met up with Kano for our own after party. Went to Check-in, my favorite club when I was in Uni but we only been in there for 20 mins and left. Couldn't decide whether it was because my usual clubbing kaki are not around or I'm slowly getting old, I was not in the mood for party. I noticed that the club was filled with high school looking teenagers. They looked too young to be out partying. Gosh, I'm really getting old -_-

My view from the bar, the back of some guy wtf

We left the club and decided to hang out at Ruai bar, a more relaxing bar when we chatted and drink like old times. Oh yeah, I tried shisha too, strawberry and watermelon flavor. It felt kinda weird to me, to share the host with my friends. But, shisha left my throat drier than cigarette. 


After one bucket of Heineken mixed with Guinness Stout, we went to Home Cook for a late supper and continued talk and talk and talk. It felt so nice to be able to catch up with Kano and Leo. It was after 4 am that I went back to the hotel and slept at 5 am with my hair still wet. 

10 am in the morning got woken up by dad whom threaten to leave us if we're not up and ready ='= Hanging out till the wee hour had make me sick afterwards. Damn, I guess the body can't keep up  the-party-all-night-and-hang-out-till-the-sun-rise activity anymore.  A cruel sign of getting old wtf.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kuching Again

It is pretty obvious to everyone around me that I love Kuching city. There's something about the city that makes me feel like at home with a comfort of its own. After all, I've spent an amazing 3 years of Uni life there. And I just realized that I had been going to Kuching at least once a month this year, even though some are just short transit stays. 

As usual, if I'm at Kuching with the family, we will opt for an apartment in Merdeka Palace. I've stay there multiple times and it is quite good actually. So far, Merdeka Palace is the only hotel that I know that still has its room in the old English style, rather than the modern look. Last week, I was at Kuching with family for the weekend to attend my uncle wedding.

My room for the 2 nights stay

The desk area, sadly only master bedroom has vanity mirror and my sisters and I have to fight for the mirror that attached to bathroom door to do our make up for the wedding. 

Living room, simple but spacious

Dining table which turned into shopping bags spot.

Master bedroom, super spacious but simple

Pantry which my dad used as his smoking room -_____-

The apartment that we got this time is a bit disappointment because the bathroom sink is too small. One thing that I care about in a hotel room besides cleanliness is the bathroom ( Oh, and the bed too). I like a bathroom with a big sink where I can put all my make up and skin care. Sadly, this room provided us none, unlike last time. Again, only the master bedroom has this privilege. 

Just reached. Outfit picture first. 
Fyi, I'm not closing my eyes, was looking at my phone screen.

Freshen up and ready to go out for late lunch

At a store in One Jaya Mall. Yeah, my lil sis was tired and bored, obviously.

My first food after arriving. Fettuccine carbonara from The Spring food court.
I have weird craving for this carbonara few days before I went to Kuching and I die die also must eat this.

Chocolate cream chip with whipped cream. I was satisfied, wtf because Sibu has no Starbucks yet.

Sushi for lunch the next day

Surprisingly, I didn't shopped much this time. In fact, I've lost my shopping mojo when I was there. I didn't even bother to go to Nichii to check out outfits. Oh, I haven't talk about the wedding yet, the main reason why we were there. Well, that's another story to be tell in the next post.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Labor Day

My labor day was spent at home relaxing and blog hopping. Work has been pretty much the same, if not, it's getting more and more mundane. My first year celebrating labor day as a working adult really made me appreciate more a day off like this.

Things that kept me company : Laptop, Iphone and book which I had been trying to finish since last year

My sister birthday was fall on the 1st of May which means she got a day off on her birthday every year. This year it had been a tradition for us to have homemade steamboat for birthday. Which is much more satisfying than eating out.

As you notice, I bought her the same birthday cake that my colleague bought for me. Reason being, it was delicious and I was running out of idea to get what flavor for her. Turn out, we finished the cake in just 2 days rather than a week like usual.

I just got back from Kuching last Sunday for attending my uncle wedding. But pity me, I fall sick today. Body was flaming hot and I just swallowed down the meds. Let's hope I'll be okay tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mushroon lasagna

I made mushroom lasagna yesterday. The initial plan was to make shrimp lasagna but I couldn't find shrimp at the supermarket. The sudden urge to cook lasagna is because I keep craving for seafood lasagna from Pizza Hut. Googled some recipes about lasagna and found the easiest one to make.

Basic ingredients: 
Button mushroom
Philadelphia cheese
Cream cheese

Most of the Youtube videos that I found are using Philadephia cheese to make their lasagna, so I bought it. Supposedly lasagna is easy to make since it only involves layering the lasagna, white sauce and mushroom. But I was a bit all over the place, trying to saute my mushroom and preparing the white sauce at the same time. 


The mushroom was prepared by shimmering the onion and mushroom with olive oil. When it is almost cooked, add in the Philadephia cheese to your own liking. I have to say, this will make a good pasta sauce. Very creamy and yummy.

The white sauce

Now this is the trickiest part for me. The ingredients for white sauce are butter, milk and flour. I added in cream cheese for more cheesy-ness. I did not whisked my butter with flour and just simply cook everything together. That's my first mistake because turned out, my butter was still clumpy. Second mistake, I put too much (or is it too little) milk and too much cream cheese. Third mistake, I did not constantly whirled the mixture cause I was too busy attending the mushroom. In the end, everything became so clumpy.

The final part is to layer everything together and put it in the oven for 180 degree for 50 mins (according to the recipe). There you go, you will have your lasagna ready.

My lasagna

The fourth mistake I made was not properly layering it and only put it in oven for 40 mins with I have no idea what are temperature degree because I couldn't manually set the temperature. That's how I ended up with a slightly burnt lasagna. Taste wise, it was good. Texture wise, I should have put it longer in the oven and cover the top layer with cheddar cheese instead.

Never mind, at least I've tried.