Saturday, August 31, 2013

Memories Are The Best

I Miss

High school reunion.

National service day

Our lame pose


I found the above half written entry in my draft dated back to May 2010.
It was 3 years ago, can't you believe it?!
And some more the first photo was take on 2007, using my crappy phone which I don't even remember anymore
I was LOL -ing when I saw the above photos
I mean, look at me.
With ugly curls and chubby face

I really miss all of my friends. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekly Recap #3

These few days I'm feeling really good, always feel so positive and calm, I myself don't even know why. It must be some kind of hormones changes due to my menstrual cycle. Normally, I'll be all angry and moody or sappy and have zit popping out somewhere on my face but nil this month. Maybe that's what boosting my mood and make me happy.

Anyway, my bff, Xiao S was back in Sibu for few weeks before continuing her Master. So we did what we do best, yamcha and having night out.

Mostly my photos with her whenever we're out were taken in the toilet. Sometimes we went to the washroom just for a photo together because our narcissism level haven't reach so high till can shamelessly camwhoring in public, although sometimes we did.

Bumped into my high school junior at 9 Bar. I haven't see her in ages and she kept saying that I haven't changed a bit. Still so petite :)

My ootd for that night, top is from Brand Outlet and skirt is from Bugis Street. Actually I purposely photobombing her to show my ootd and she didn't look pleased lol.

Being antisocial in a club. It was still early and the club was almost empty. I was too tired to socialize and the phone is my bff.

I think I have a shopping disease. I have this bag at the corner of my room filled with all brand new make up and skin care stuff that I bought. It is an accumulate haul, I didn't bought all of these at once. Some are during holidays, some are during normal outings and some are gifts from friends.  I just feel like I need to buy something whenever I'm going out but mostly stuffs that I bought were on discount. I have like 3 brand new chapsticks, 2 mascaras, 2 blushes and many more. 

Catching up with le bestie before she's flying off the next day.

Recently I have been doing some research and read lots of reviews on camera because I'm seriously considering of buying one. At first, I wanted the newly launched Lumix GF6 but then it was so hard to find one here at Sibu. Then I tested the Sony NEX 5R and kinda like it. It ticked all the main requirements for a camera for me. Mostly all I want are flip screen and wifi but when I tested the Sony NEX 5R, I was quite impress with the quality and it was easy to maneuver  too. Might be a good camera for a beginner like me. The only bummer is the price. 2K for a camera, is it a bit too much? I don't know. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tony Resort, Phuket

This entry is a month late but better late than never. I went to Phuket with the bf and friends last July. Our flight was on the evening and it was a short and pleasant flight. Upon reaching the island, I was a bit skeptical because all that I saw from the plane are green scenery everywhere. I was like "Hmmm, that's look calming and relaxing but finger cross it is more than just green scenery" I still need the malls and beaches. 

We opted to stay at Patong area since it is the most happening area with all the bars/clubs and beaches. The taxi (jeep) ride from the airport to Patong took almost an hour and was a painful ride. The driver took shortcut through villages and the roads are narrow and curvy. I love how convenience it is in Thailand bcause 7-Eleven and Family Mart are everywhere. I think we passed more than 5 such stores along the ride.

Our hotel, Tony Resort

Can you imagine my feeling when I saw the hotel sign on the road? My heart crushed and prayed hard that it is not some dodgy hotel on the roadside. Truth is we kinda randomly picked this hotel from Agoda one night because it was within our price range and the pictures on the site looked quite tempting. 

We were greeted by this sight when our taxi turned into the narrow path in the first picture. Still looked a bit dodgy due to the peeling paint. But we're just glad that we finally reached our hotel as it was getting dark. Checked in process was a breeze and we love the hotel. It is a gem in a hidden place. True to its name, it gives us the resort vibes and totally put us in good mood.

The concept of the lobby is open air and equipped with a pc and internet access for the hotel guests. We often lounge at the lobby to get the wifi. Internet suckers, I know. 

Feels very homey, ain't it?

Behind the signboard is actually the kids pool which was the view from our balcony on the second floor

View from our balcony during rainy day

Me trying to get connected to the outside world

The wifi signal was too weak inside the room, thus resulting in me sitting on the floor unlady-like. Can you spot my dolphin tattoo?

Hotel restaurant
Can't comment on their food as our rooms were without breakfast and we never dine there.

Balcony on the ground floor which have direct access to the adult swimming pool

Hallway to our room

View from the hallway

We swam everyday there.
It felt so good to jump into the pool after walking under the hot sun and to wash away the salt water from sea.

But sometimes I'm too lazy to get into the water, I just laze on the lounge chair and watched the bf swam

If I ever come back to Phuket again, I'll definitely stay here. Clean room, big swimming pool, wifi access and friendly staffs, it all matters to make your vacation a happy and memorable one.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last Monday I felt a slight discomfort in my gum. First I thought it was just the mild toothache that usually came when I ate/drink anything too sweet. The discomfort normally went away after I brush my teeth. Oh boy, how wrong was I. The discomfort grew into pain when the night came.

I had to take a Panadol to ease the pain. First thing that crossed my mind is the nightmare of growing wisdom teeth. I pleaded for it not too be as painful as everyone described. Again, my plead to the Universe left unattended. I woke up in the middle of the night with greater pain and had to resort for another quick remedy, the Panadol.

I woke up the next morning barely able to open my mouth. My face was super swollen and I know there's no escape from the dentist this time. It hurt so bad that I just sat and cried on my bed.

Thank God for the painkiller, the pain subsided and of course no more moody me. 
Now the problem is that the antibiotics that my dentist prescribed had side effects on me. He warned me this beforehand but I never had any side effect from antibiotics before so I just shrugged it off.

I was happy that my face no longer swollen and no more pain. Everything was great and I was all smiley until this evening when I was off from work. Here comes the side effects, I felt weak and nausea and vomited. 
I guess I have to take the antibiotics back to the dentist and exchange for something milder. 
If you're wondering, I was prescribed Beamoxy 250mg and Metronidazle 400mg.

Till now my dentist haven't confirmed whether it is the wisdom teeth or gum infection.
I have an X-ray appointment this Saturday to find out.
Suddenly, the weekend doesn't seems so appealing to me anymore.
Arghhhh.. I'm dreading it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Recap #2

Enough with the backdated travelling post, here's a snippet of my weeks so far. 

 #1 Trying to hop back into the fitness bandwagon and I failed. I went for a jog at the local park with the bf the other day and I almost fainted. I was panting while speed walking and grasping for air after 2 round. I went back to belly and cardio workout also but it's an on and off thing for me. I need to get my stamina back T_T

#2 Still remember my furry friend, Pino? He's been such a naughty boy lately. One morning, out of sudden he got angry and jumped on me while I was leaning to hug the bf. I guessed his teeth (or mouth) knocked my upper lip. I thought he bit me but then I realized it was a tiny cut. My lip was bleeding and swollen and I didn't talk to him for days. I was so angry at him for behaving like that. He's been with me for 5 years already and this is the first time it happened. But fret not, we're back on good track now and have our new evening routine walk.

Sorry for his thing dangling in the pic below.

#3 The missing element in my domestic skills is cooking and I'm still trying hard to cook more but it is so hard. I always put too much salt or overcook or undercook the meal. But hey I'm learning. Baby steps Suz, baby step.

#4 My favorite and simplest dinner ever. The only skill required is to deep fried the fish fillet and yet it was a bit too salty. Baby step yo! But I made my own tartar sauce.

#5 My perfect breakfast combo, omelette, bacon, garlic bread and cherry tomatoes. Sad thing is I get hungry after an hour.

#6 Lazing around on a Sunday and realized that I'm still quite tan. Pardon the multiple neck fold and flabby arm, not my best angle this one.

I really should invest on a good camera. Time wait for no man and I want to capture my photos and create more memory before growing old. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally, Universal Studio Singapore

As promised, my Universal Studio Singapore adventure story. My #ootd for the day was a simple circle skirt from Bugis Street (my best purchase from this trip), bird print peplum top which I tucked in is from Brand Outlet, sandal from Vincci.

We learnt from our Day 2 mistake and woke up earlier to avoid the crowd at Immigration but it was Saturday and we stuck at jam on the connecting bridge to Woodland. We met up with a friend from Singapore and he brought us around. It was much easier because he know the way around and we didn't need to go to tourist pick up point. We took the MRT directly to Vivo City instead.

I kinda miss my fair skin T_T I'm quite tan after my Phuket trip now
But the bf is even more tanner than me hahahhaha

With Oscar the Grouch, we queued for this because the line was not too long

A quick lunch before we hit the rides

During my last visit, I didn't get to go on any extreme rides and this time I determined to go on all the rides at least once. Good thing the bf is as adventurous as me. We started off with Transformer 3D Ride and personally it's my favorite rides among all. Next we moved on to Battlestar Galactica Human vs Cylon (the red one). The Red Ride was exciting and really crazy but the Blue Ride the craziest of all for me. Having your feet dangling on the air and going through the helix loop, overturned 360 degree really got me. I closed my eyes for the whole Blue Ride. But it really got my adrenaline up. I heard that the Battlestar Galactica Human vs Cylon is closed since July for some technical review. So glad that I did not back out during the line and tried the ride at least once. By the way, I went in June. Hehehehe this post is really back dated.

Next ride, Revenge of The Mummy Ride. The waiting line for this one every rides were crazy. We lined up for almost an hour in average for ride. My advice if you're planning to go to USS, better buy the express ticket. It really will save lotsss of your time. Because the waiting line was too long, we missed Madagascar Splash Ride but I did went on the ride last year.

In the Land Far Far Away

Sorry for the stick figure pose. I always feel awkward when asked to pose alone for picture

This time I managed to catch the Hollywood Parade. No photos because I was busy smiling and waving to the characters. I said this before but I'm going to say it again, USS is really a happy place. The staffs and performers are friendly, the place is beautiful and it will make you smile all the time (check out my photos, it is all wide grin with exposed teeth) and squint too because of the scorching sun.

I think one day is not enough to explore USS, I went twice to completely explore the place and rides and still I miss the firework because we need to go back early to avoid Immigration crowds but failed. At this point, I'm quite used to the queue and crowd.

I think I really have a thing for theme park because it makes me so happy. Disneyland will be next on my list *finger cross next year maybe*

Thursday, August 8, 2013

JB : Johor Premium Outlet & Singapore ( Bugis Street)

Continuation of my travel tale to down South from last post. The only time that I had to explore Johor was on the night that we reached. We stayed at Citrus Hotel which located right next to City Square Mall and 10 minutes walk to the Immigration checkpoint to Singapore. Perfect location and cozy room, I will definitely stay there again if I ever go to Johor in the future. 

We reached Johor in the afternoon and had to take the bus from Larkin to JB Sentral. Both of us lugging our luggage the whole day, it was quite tiring and lucky our hotel was easy to find. Cleaned up and helped ourselves to late lunch, we wanted to take the bus to Johor Premium Outlet afterward. Buttttt we missed the bus by few minutes. And the next bus was on 5.30pm or 6pm, we had plenty of time kill so we explored City Square mall. The whole journey to JPO took about an hour and a half I think, both of us dozed off on the bus. 

I read lots of reviews about shopping experience at JPO prior to this trip, lots of it were not pleasant one though. So I kinda lower my expectation but apparently I lowered mine too much because that's where I bought the most basic apparels. The discount wasn't much and the choices are quite limited but surely there were some gems hidden somewhere, so you gotta dig around.

Day 2
Our plan for the day was to go to USS but we stopped for brunch at Taiwan Restaurant for brunch and got carried away. When we reached the ICQ, it was packed with people. We really shouldn't stopped for brunch because by the time we reach Orchard Road for the USS pick up point, we already missed the bus and the next one was at 3.30pm which was quite late. 

Me with bf nerd glass during brunch

I was so glad that the bf insisted on cancelling the USS plan for the day because we won't even have time to enjoy anything if we did go. So, we spent the day roamed around Singapore, eating ice cream sandwich at Orchard Road, shopped a little at H&M, getting disappointed in Aldo because they ran out of my size for a sandal that I really keen on (I even hunt down the same sandal two weeks after that at Fahrenheit 88 and KLCC, all were out of my size!!!), went to Bugis Street where I bought a Topshop quality circle skirt for only SGD5 and crammed with Singaporean during peak hour at the MRT, stuck at a super duper long queue at Singapore Custom and illegally ride Bus Pekerja to get back to JB. 

Tired but happy face

I walked so much that my feet were aching like crazy. We both passed out after reaching hotel to prepare for USS the next day. This post is getting lengthy, I shall stop here. USS entry will be up next, I promise!