Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mummy turned 46

So my mum turned 46 this month and as family tradition, we went out for dinner. It was just a simple dinner every time it comes to birthday, but that also means dressed up time. 

Wearing my dress from Twenty3 that I bought years ago, it was still a tad too big for me and this is the 3rd time I've wore it

We're having quite hard time to find restaurant for dinner because choices are pretty limited here. Most of the time we ended up recycling the same cafes or restaurants for dinner. So this time I brought my family to 美味餐厅. 

The anti social

The couple

The parents

I have not frequent this place much recent year but it surprised me how good the food was. I'm tempted to post the aftermath photo of our dinner but we're messy eaters, so no photo but we finished it all. Unlike last time when we went for my birthday at Golden Happiness, we barely touched the food and did takeaway. Still the food ended up in the trash after 3 days in the fridge because it was just horrible.

The usual broccoli with mushrooms 

Steamed fish

Pork ribs

Butter kailan

Something something chicken, i don't know the name of the dishes because I was late and they already ordered everything when I reached.

Make a wish wishes mummy!

The whole family and some friends

We also have this tradition where we take turn to feed the birthday girl/boy cake and we go from eldest to youngest. I don't know why we did this but I guess everyone want to take part in feeding the birthday woman.

Happy birthday mummy! I hope all of your wishes come true and be healthy and happy always.

Guess who woke up just when we finished dinner?

The little munchkin 
Yup, he was with us the whole dinner. When we're eating, he was sleeping on the chair and only woke up when we're done. Good boy <3 p="">

Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 in 1

The post was supposed to be up last week, I got all the pictures nicely arranged in my draft but boy oh boy, I don't have time to complete the whole post until now. So you're reading about my weekend last week on this weekend. hahahaha


A 3 in 1 post today! I'm gonna consolidate my weekend Dayre posts into one here because there are so many things that I want to jot down here including my everyday life. I had a wonderful weekend last week because I felt like I was productive and spent quality times with family and friends. Lately I always looking forward to weekend because I wanna sleep in. I feel like I'm forever sleep deprived.

I started off the mid week by celebrating the bf's birthday.

We had a quiet night together celebrating his birthday.

It was very simple because he's not into any kind of celebration. In this case, I'm glad he's a simple guy because I really couldn't think of any other way to celebrate it with him. And he hates surprise too. So in the end, it was just me and him with a big plate of cincalok fried rice and a tiny cake.

I spent my Saturday with Danish for brunch and walked  chased him around the mall. Man, this little tiny being is so full of energy and always wanted to be held all the time. If you put him down, you gotta chased him around afterward.

He's grumpy because it's his nap time

But the steering wheel made him excited.

We went to Noodle House for brunch because I wanted the 卤肉饭. But it didn't taste the same anymore :(

Look a bit pathetic and unappetizing but actually taste okay la

This one is the bomb for me, not too sweet and perfect for my taste bud.


There are certain days last week that we had haze around, so it was nice to finally see the clear blue sky. Only with haze around that I started to appreciate sunny day like this. 

 Selfie in the car

I seldom bring my camera out with me, so when I do, I take a lot of selfies in the car. All are mostly the same pose some more hahaha You can't see it here but I was wearing the crop top from Twenty3 which turned out to be normal top for me.

Date with the bf

Weather so hot so a cold dessert like this is a bliss. 

Then we had the most pathetic steamboat ever in my life.

It was at a newly opened place. The base is tasteless, so did the meat because they didn't marinate it. It was quite hard to cook the meat because it keep sliding down and fell into the soup. Some more the soup "drain" too shallow and narrow, can't properly cook anything inside la, super sien leh. I don't think I will frequent this place again.

Can't remember which day

The kitchen domestic side of me suddenly kicked in last week, so I made hainanese chicken rice without the rice. I copied Pattyinnit's recipe because she made everything looked so easy but man, it was a tough one for me. My chicken was not thawed properly and didn't cooked well. 

See, cooked already also looked not cook.

So I put it back into the pot and boiled it awhile. My soup turned out to be really good and the meat cooked properly but it wasn't the hainanese chicken that I expect. Still the bf with his sister and brother in law finished the whole chicken and they loved the soup. I felt proud despite the failed attempt.

#achievementunlocked hahahaha

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray for MH370

I have been glued to my phone screen for the past two days reading about updates on the missing flight #MH370. It was a terrible feeling to wake up to such horrible news on Saturday morning. I do not know anybody on board but this incident deeply affected me. The whole world is praying for the safety of the flight passengers and crews, I deeply hope God will listen to us and praying hard for good news.
I really couldn't imagine the feeling of the affected families and friends. Even me, a total stranger couldn't help but to shed tears when I read about tweets of the young girl waiting for her father to be home. This incident struck close to my heart because I really loves travelling. Getting on flight to embark on a new adventure excites me but hearing news like this really bring a twist to my feeling. 
239 of lives on that plane, some are returning home to loved ones, some are going away for the much needed vacation, some are about to start a new career in the foreign land, some are on duty for their jobs but now all of them disappeared into thin air, just like that. It could be any one of us on that flight that day. 

It just never occurred to me how fragile our lives can be until today. 

During time of crisis like this, there are still some inconsiderate people out there pointing fingers and making fun of the missing flight. I have no idea what's going through their heads but if they have nothing nice to say, better just keep quiet. Things like this make me question my faith in humanity.

However, I'm not letting those insensitive people destroy my faith in humanity. The whole world unite together sending aids to search and rescue for MH370. My heart and prayers goes out to passengers and crews aboard the missing flight as well as their families and friends.

May God give us answer soon. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

His first time

I brought the bf back to my kampung last January *gasp* It was actually for my grandmother's after burial ceremony. It is one of Iban tradition and as a sign of respect to the deceased. My paternal grandmother passed away on January (3 days before my birthday). After the funeral, we mourned for her for 2 weeks, the standard mourning process normally is one month but we had to cut it short to two weeks because both of my aunts are married to Chinese, so they need to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

2 weeks after the mourning period, we had this ceremony to indicate the end of mourning (ngetas ulit) Please don't quote me on this because I myself not so sure about Iban tradition. I'm not the kind that follow tradition unless it is a must (mostly because my parents said so)

Back to this ngetas ulit event, our family members and relatives would came to our long house and the event took at least 2 days 1 night. What did the people do for the whole 2 days 1 night you ask. Well, during the day, the women prepared foods and stuffs for night and the men went to cemetery to properly cement and build the tomb. Then night came and we hired some professional lady to cry recite Iban poem (?) It's more like crying on behalf of the family and wishing grandma happy wherever she was reunited with her late husband and parents at the other side of the world.

So, the bf went back to kampung with me for the weekend. It's kind of a big thing for me because it's means introducing him to my extended relatives. Actually my dad is more excited for him to meet other relatives. Last year he was anticipating the bf to be back for Gawai for us, wtf but the bf was still in uni back then.

Actually this was taken during our last day when waiting for express boat

I told the bf to be open minded beforehand because I was scare he couldn't accept what he's about to face. Hahahaha I made everything sound super scary to him. But I was just afraid everything is too much for him, culture/tradition/custom/lifestyle are very different in long house. Even I sometimes having hard time adjusting.

I have kids plastering themselves to me all the times, especially if you have camera with you. Everyone would want a photo.

They are very helpful and always offer help in term if manual labor.

That is one of the things that I like about long house. The community are very helpful whenever there's occasion/ceremony/festival. So you are not alone as everyone is eager to help. Surprisingly, the bf adapted very well to his new surrounding.Apart from language barrier, everything else was smooth.

But the poor bf been having stye for a week. Hence he's refusing any photos.

Night activities include drinking, chit chatting and gambling. 

That was during the first night because the actual ceremony took place on the second night where all the relatives reached. Sadly, I took nil photos because it was a bit inappropriate to snap photos especially when they're paying their respect to my grandma.

I'm so glad the bf clicked with everyone and they seem to like him too. This was a big step for me because I'm opening up part of my world that I myself not quite familiar with to him. Like I've said, I'm not exactly a traditional kind of girl and I only gone back to my kampung once a year for less than a week.

If you're a long time reader, you would probably know that I kinda dread going back. Always whining and complaining and such a drama queen when I'm back at kampung.

And kids love him the most.

Maybe he's naturally good with kids hahaha

Selfie at the wharf while waiting for the express boat

The funny thing about going back to kampung with the bf was it is also my first time going back on my own, my family went back a day earlier. So I have no idea about the places that the express boat would stop along the way to Song. Everytime the express boat stopped, I would urged him to go out and see if we're there yet. At one time, we almost stopped at the wrong place. Lucky I asked around, otherwise....

Monday, March 3, 2014

Queen bee

I have been feeling rather down last week. Maybe it's the combination of dry weather and also my hormone. I don't feel like talking to anybody, I don't feel like go out. All I wanted to do was to tuck myself under my blanket and sleep or read or watch movies.

The person whom have to suffer through all that with me is the bf. We had huge row over something petty and poor boy, doesn't matter what he did, I just find it annoying.

But I snapped myself out of my sorrow and try not letting the hormone taking over me. I tried to use my time productively. I cleaned my wardrobe, packed the clothes that I don't wear anymore, spent more time with family and the bf.

we had birthday dinner for my brother whom turned 20 last Wednesday

Dress- from long time ago
Flats - I don't remember

Then Danish cried and wanted to be in the photo too, I prefer him with his old hairstyle because this mohawk makes him looks so mature.

Lazy Saturday morning, we just woke up

Danish is like the easiest baby to take care. He didn't cried much, eat when you feed him, love bath time, nap and sleep well. If only all the babies are this easy.

Another cheerful baby, Eden. He's so active and can dance all night long.

Hmm, it seems like my days are revolved around babies these days. This is a true sign of aging because more and more people are popping babies.

Karaoke session on Sunday afternoon

As you can see, the bf is serious about his karaoke, one hand hogging the microphone, another hand hogging the mouse selecting his songs. Yeah, the milk bottle is so out of place and we had baby with us. LOL

Me in my Twenty3 crop top which turned out to be normal top for me #shortpeopleproblem

Pool session at night

My weekend sound so happening hor, went karaoke then went played pool. Hahaha but the truth is I only played one round (not a good player) and left afterward because I couldn't handle the cigarette smoke. The room was so hazy and everyone was puffing cigarette like chimney, including the bf ='=

Wtf it's March already. I don't even know how I passed the first two months of 2014. It feels like I haven't done anything at all. But I just planned some travel plans and really excited about it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I was clearing out photos from my camera and stumbled upon some photos that never see the daylight. So I figure it's time for some throwbacks. 

Plus, it's 12.42 am and I just woke up from my nap 3 hours ago. I wonder how am I going to sleep tonight. 

Not sure if I've posted this one up because this was what I used on my face everyday last year.

It is so hard to capture a good photo of Pino because he can't just sit still.

The best shot that I could managed for him

With baby Kelly whom refused to look at the camera 

I miss my long hair

Taken during CNY eve dinner. We're testing the smile shutter for the camera hence my huge smile

I miss Danish so much

I love this photo. It's like some kind of ad for formula milk hahaha

I'm quite vain but I rarely take any photos these day, be it with camera or phone. I just feel like I couldn't be bother and wanted to live in the moment. Then the moment passed and I have no memory of it. ='=

Reminder to self: Take more photos.