Saturday, August 30, 2014

My bags wishlist

This was taken from my Dayre two days ago and edited.

That is what I look like for the past few days.

I'm in love.

But not with a person. With a thing.

A bag, to be precise.

Philip Lim 3.1 Mini Pashli Satchel

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what look at first sight looks like.

Since I'm on the topic of bag, I might as well list down my dream bags wishlist. Some more I've spent the whole night googling for info about these bags eg. what leather are these bags are made of, where to buy cheaper (UK or US), what are the seasonal colors etc.

My list is not in chronicle order, I don't mind which one I got first as long as I got it. But frankly, I'm gravitate toward Balenciaga more. So, I'll start with it.

"Balenciaga Giant 12 City"

Is this color shocking you guys? Lol. If I were to invest in a designer handbag, I don't think I will settle for black color, unless if I already have one and shop for a second one. Since Balenciaga is all about color, I'll pick this shocking pink (Rose Thulian). Reason being, it is a perfect everyday bag for work and since I mostly wear black and dull color, this bag for sure will stand out. Even for just 5 minutes walking distance from car park into my office hahaha. 

Back track a bit, when I showed the bf the Philip Lim 3.1, he said the color (red) will hard to match with my outfit. I brushed him off and told him that the bag itself is a statement, it doesn't have to match my outfit. And he ignored me. Pfft..

On the contrary, this color got my attention too.

With the gold hardware

Actually I love all of the Balenciaga City colors. Some are bold, some are subtle. It is impossible to just choose one.


"Celine Nano"

Such a beautiful baby. This cobalt blue is screaming my name. Again, with such designer handbag, the color and the design itself are bold enough for your entire outfit. The size too is perfect for everyday on the go girl.

"Chloe Paraty"

For this one, I'll go with white. Every girl should have at least one white handbag for those tone down days. This is effortlessly chic to match with any outfit.

The bags that I've listed are quite high on my list. Of course there are other bags that I would love to have too. I have my list done, next step is to save my money for it. One step at a time, a bag in a year.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Langkawi Day 1

I just got back from Langkawi a week ago and finally sorting out all of the photos. I was having a blast exploring the little island with my family but a little careless with sunblock. So that explained the peeling skin on my forehead the very next day I'm back.  Note to self: must remember to reapply sunblock.

Selfie at the airport

I was not feeling well the night prior to our flight. I could feel fever was coming for me and downed 2 panadols that day. Last time I went to Bangkok, I felt the same too the night before my flight fml. Don't know what's wrong, maybe just my body telling me it's too excited to go on holiday.

My parents are the most excited about the flight I think. They woke up at 4.30am for a 8.20am flight ='=. And they decided to woke me up at 5 freaking am wtf. But I couldn't argue with them for more zzzz time because I have history of missing my flights. Yup, flights. I've missed two flights because I was late.

Groupie hehehhe

All of us

We had about 4 hours to kill in KLIA2 but we didn't do much also. Just had lunch and explore the airport a bit. My oh my, I love KLIA2. Whoever own the airport really up their game (or my standard is really low wtf) I feel like I'm in mall shopping instead of just waiting for transit. If only they bring H&M or Forever21 there, my life is complete. Hahahaha

On our flight to Langkawi, we are probably the only Malaysian family on board. I don't know why there are so many Arabians went to Langkawi for holiday. They dominated the flight. By the way, this is not a racist statement okay, just an observation.

It rained miserably when we touched down at Langkawi airport but it didn't dampened our spirit (pun intended hahaha). Made a swift decision to rent Avanza for our whole stay at one of the airport car rental which turned out to be the best decision ever. Car rental is available at the airport so there is no need to pre book and you feel free to bargain with them about the price. I got the Avanza for RM80/day. Super cheap right? But then again, Langkawi is duty free so the car price probably cheap too. 

Drop our luggage at the hotel and off we go.

We stayed at De Baron Resort in Kuah. I regretted staying there tho. Not because the hotel sucks or anything but there's nothing to do at Kuah. There's only several malls around which basically sell the same things eg. chocolate, alcohol, cigarette etc. We prefer outdoor activities and exploring the island, so the perfect place to stay is at Chenang. But never mind also, we got car can drive there everyday (but really waste our gas)

De Baron Resort is quite nice although it does not feel any resort-y if you know what I means. Our room quite spacious and has sea view but my parents room is small and no nice view. And my mom complained that their water pressure really low, I didn't experience that in our room tho.

First things first after we're done check in at the hotel is to hunt for food. Everyone was famished, so we cincai picked a Thai Restaurant. I love the food because it feel authentic, they even played Thai song on the radio. But it was a tad too expensive for some really simple dishes.

All sort of cigarettes from the duty free shop next to our restaurant. 

They have sisha bong (?) too

The only photo of our food, too starving to be bother to snap more

View from our hotel room

After the early dinner, we drove to Chenang to catch sunset and checking out island hopping tours. Chenang is half an hour drive for Kuah T_T And we saw monkeys, they are everywhere, on the road side, on the trees.

Reached Chenang beach and took photos of us first wtf

This photo is overly edited by me and I'm too lazy to reedit but I like it. Looks like some scene in music video wtf

My dad is not impressed hahaha

We strolled along the beach just to survey the crowd and the tours provided. Because it was off peak season, there were not much crowd and mostly are foreigners.The beach was more quiet than I've expected. Probably because the sun already set and there's nothing much to do.

I've gained so much weight *gasp* *faint*

If compared to Phuket, Langkawi is a lot more quaint and not as lively as Phuket. Even their night market is just a stretch of stalls along a lane selling only clothes. I'm talking about the one near Underwater World Aquarium because it is the nearest to the beach. I didn't bother to check out other night market that's far from the beach.

Anyway, that concludes my day 1 there. Will continue blogging about the rest of the trip soon.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Becoming Becky Bloomwood

Something is utterly bothering me today when I did my monthly finance check. Yup, I did this every month to make sure I do not go overboard with my spending and yet I failed EVERY SINGLE MONTH!! And this month is the worst that I've ever had.

I've overspent my money. My non existing future money. There, I've said it.

I was super shocked when I check my credit card bill. I thought there is a mistake and did a double check and realized I did swiped my card for all those purchase. 

Who knows all those small purchases added up could burnt such a big hole in my pocket. Well, this is a super expensive lesson for the shopaholic me. I hate to admit this but no more nonsense shopping for me for at least two months and my cards are now tucked away in safe so that I won't use them anymore. Or at least until year end.

Now I know how Becky Bloomwood felt like when she received those letters from bank. I also understand how she felt like when she saw something in store that she wants to buy.

Sorry B-bag, it might take me another year to save to own you now. :(

**Post note: In case you misunderstood, I do not receive letter from bank. The letter in case is my credit card bill. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacation's over

I have completely mixed feeling when my vacation is over. Part of me dreading going back to work but another part of me glad it's over. Managing 8 people for family vacation is stressful. Too many demands and requests. However, I'm quite proud for the fact that this is the first ever family vacation that I took my family to. 

I purposely picked Langkawi as we all have never been there and it's relatively within my budget. Besides, what's more could you asked for other than sitting by beach and drinking super cheap alcohol. I could never paid another RM18 for a bottle of Somersby anymore. It costs less than 1/3 of that price there.

Life's good when you're on holiday

Will update more soon when I am done sorting out photos.
In the mean time, my pocket is still recovering from the large hole. 
But that won't stop me for planning daydreaming about my next trip.

Friday, August 8, 2014


I was going through my draft posts that failed to make an appearance in this world wide web since 2009. Younger me really impress myself, every emotions and my writing are completely raw. I really just wrote whatever I want back then. Some bring back so much memories especially when I was still a student and my only worries are to finish my assignments and get my crush to notice me wtf.

Let me post it here and walk down the memory lane. Some things I still remember and some I have no idea what or whom I was talking about. Nevertheless the 25 years old me having fun reading the 20 years old me's thought.

**Grey font and Italic is my draft posts

1. 3 Things that I absolutely positve about Robert Pattison (Written on August 15 2009)
1. Robert is born to be Edward Cullen.

2. Robert is (Yup, even back then I couldn't finish my own list)

OMG!! This was written when I was super in love with Twilight. I watched and read the whole saga. Even trying hard to force my partner (mind you, not boyfriend ok! Just a very very close friend) to like Twilight. I think I really push Twilight so hard to him and that's all I ever talked about, I'm surprised he never ask me to shut the hell up lol.

2. Alive than ever (Written on September 20 2009)
I just found out that someone post my picture with my friends in his blog. It was rather insulting. I'm so pissed off. 

Okay, this one really boiled me up. A guy, a Perez Hilton wannabe create a blog (I won't name the blog or even link them because I don't want to give hit to him) to gossip about students in my uni. He stole the photo of my friends and I from our Facebook. Yup, he was in our friend list and has accessed to our photo because we went to the same faculty and attended some classes together. Not together as in close friend, okay! Just had the same class.

So childish ='=

This guy was hunger for fame obviously. He thought he was in Gossip Girls.

Of course I have comment back but he ignored me. Pffftt but he got awkward when we bumped into him around uni.

3. Happily Living in Our Artificial World (Written on November 12 2009)
I still remember the first day he approached me in my Facebook world. He said I have nice smile and should smile always. Back then, I never paid any much attention to him. The compliment did flattered me but never in my dream I would thought that we will be this 'close' someday. Truth is, I had been eying him up for the past year, just for fun though. Eyeing boys up is always been my favorite past time. He was just one of few that caught my attention.

Hahahahha this one is so funny and mushy. Actually now that I saw this, I finally remember how I got close with my partner. But I'm glad he did approached me and now I can turn to him to talk about anything. He's sorta my secret life adviser. 

4. Catch me if I fall (Written on April 28 2010)
From a stranger to an acquaintance to friend to best friend and now to special friend.

We had come a long way, isn't it?

Oopsss! I guess this was when I fell in love with him. Lololol so guys, this is what happened when you keep flirting with your own friend. In case some of you are wondering, no, we didn't end up together.

5. Quickie Update (Written on May 27 2010)
I loath meeting when I have no idea what are they talking about. What figure? What budget? Today is my second meeting which is the extension of our first meeting. I had pleasant experience during the last meeting because I enjoy listening to them discussing the current issues and projects. It helps to expose me to the real working scope. But today they are talking about figure and budgets, which I find absolutely boring. The only things that keep me going through the meeting is my broadband sim card and the meal afterward. Yesterday I have my first site visit. It was fantastic. I'll share the experience later. If you notice, I'm typing this without paragraph. Well, that because I'm updating this from my phone. Didn't bring laptop today because the meeting is scheduled for whole day. Thus, I'm making full use of the available facilities. Dear time, please fast forward to evening so that I can pack and tune into Gawai mode.

Such a life of an internship student. Hahahaha I'm really having fun reading back my old draft. Oh well, one thing remains the same, I still loath meeting. Another downside is now I have nothing to look forward after meeting. No meal and have to stay back after work some more.

6. If only (Written on August 5 2010)
- If only I have the courage, I'll ask you all the things I'd been wanting to know.

- If only we didn't hold back all these times, we might be at a better place now.

- If only we being honest to each other, we won't be walking in a maze, messing with our own thoughts.

- If only you didn't hesitate, we might have a picture of us in our prom attire night last year.

- If only

Oh uh.... Here comes the emo part of my student life. I guess all those flirting non stop but never take the plunge to step forward in my special relationship was detrimental to my own emotion. But really la, I was kinda pissed off with him for leading me on but not making things official. Frankly though, I'm glad we really didn't end up together because those decisions might lead to different consequence to my life right now. I'm probably not where I am right now. I wouldn't change anything that I did in the past because it lead me to where I am now. Except maybe I will take a gap year after graduate.

7. Reconciliation (Written on March 30 2011)
I don't hold grudges.

Ok, I have no idea what was I talking about here. I was still a student in 2011 and I don't remember having any fights with anyone and I'm sure this has nothing to do with my crush too. Well, I guess this will remain a mystery.

I don't know I'll be having so much fun reading stuff that I've wrote years ago. Having blog and keep draft like this is good to keep those memories alive. I'm glad I've started this blog 5 years ago in a small dorm room in my uni using only Celcom broadband.

Slowly I see myself transitioning from a student to an young adult and now a mid 20's. 5 years later I'll be writing about marriage and kids perhaps wtf.

Pino the shihtzu maltese

It is past midnight now and I'm beyond tired but I already promised myself that I'll have this entry up tonight. Shit, my internet is super shitty now. It took forever to load a page. So, talk again tomorrow.


The intro above was written last night. So picking up when I left it off last night. I have been so busy going out with friends/bf/ family that I rarely stay at home now. Sometimes, I only came back to sleep. Which means I've spent less and less time with Pino. 

But every time I open my front door, he is always there, wagging his tail and jumping in excitement. My heart melts at this sight. And that is how he guilt trip me.

When I was busy at the computer, he whined for my attention. His favorite game are to pretend bite my fingers and chasing game.

Don't know whether Pino is old or just plain lazy, but he now always refused to move. Not even when I tricked him with his treat.

Selfie time! Which he hates so much wtf!

See how his eyes turned green when I force-kissed him. His eyes turned green when he angry and he better be left alone otherwise he'll bite.

Whatcha looking at?!

His favorite time of the day is when I let him out to do his business and we walked around the neighborhood. But this small fella likes to chase bigger dogs. ='=
Once he even hurt his legs and couldn't walked properly for weeks because he was chasing cat and landed on the wrong foot.

He was pure white when we first got him but some how grew some spots after some times. Is that normal? Or an ageing sign for dog lololol.

Such an unglamorous pose, some more show his balls. HAHAHHAHAHA this dog really no manner.

Ok better pose now. At least his balls are concealed behind his fluffy hair. lolol

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It's been awhile since I update my blog regularly about what's happening in my life. I miss that kind of update, you know just me writing down the flow of my thoughts. I've learnt to be an introvert after some some breakdowns that I had in recent months. 2014 so far has been a quite tough year for me. But on the bright side, I become stronger and more independent than before. I've stopped putting my happiness in other people hand and finally take control of my own life without feeling the guilt of not doing what others expecting me to do.

Despite all the pain and betrayal that I've felt, I'm thankful for everything that I have today. It is true when they say your thought will shape your mood and your day. If you have happy and positive thoughts, everything will seem brighter and even the universe is on your side and vice versa. So instead of drowning in my sorrow, I decided to always look at the bright side and be thankful.

1) I'm thankful that I have a good job that pays well enough to enjoy my life. I'm so grateful that I have great colleagues and boss that respect me and treat me good. Plus, my job is not as stress as others.

2) I'm thankful that I have great health and pray that I will continue to be in great health. When it comes to exercise, I has been slacking so much since the beginning of the year but luckily I'm always in the great state of health although there still some stubborn baby fats and shabby body parts.

3) I'm thankful that I am able to travel and see the world. Although I've only been to a couple places, I have some great travelling plans lining up till 2016. So I'm really counting my blessing and want to earn more money so that I can go see another part of the globe. Finger cross I'll make it happen.

4) I'm thankful that I have some great friends that stay by my side. These companies are my real pillar of strength. These are the people that listen to my breakdown and wipe my tears. I'm glad I have found true friendship.

5) I'm happy that I have slowly redecorate my room the way I always wanted it to be. Off white furniture with floral bedding. Is it weird that new bedding and nicely done bed makes me happy? Lol. Every time I came back from work and go into my room, I always instantly feel happy when everything is nicely in place. Omg, I have an OCD. hahahhaha

Count your blessing, not your problems.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I knew I'll take lots of OOTDs shots when I bought my new vanity with huge mirror. Scrolling through my phone and found some shots to be shared. I didn't take shot of my outfit everyday because I couldn't be bother and I don't like taking shots of the same outfit la. 

This outfit was for Sara's birthday dinner. Top from Topshop and pleated skirt from local boutique.

Random dinner with friends some time ago. Top from Twenty3 and the same skirt from Bugis Street. And yes my desk was in clutter. Everyday.

This was quite recently, after I'm coming back from Bangkok which was one and a half month ago. Pants and bag are from Bangkok, top from my own shop and headband from Sereni & Shentel (matte Mini Ice Ice Baby)

Opss, my desk is in a total mess here. Anyway, focus on the outfit. Top is from ancient time. Hahahaha I had it since long time ago and skort is from Bangkok. 

Random background because it was at a fitting room during my casual outing. Nothing outstanding much for the outfit. Top is just random T-shirt and short jeans is from my old jeans that I DIY-ed myself. Creative or not lololol.

Dress from a boutique in Melaka. 

I don't remember where I got the top but i think it was from random shop and the pants is from Forever 21 which I seldom wear because it can show camel toe. Go google camel toe if you don't know what it is. Here I link it for you.

A different kind of OOTD shot. Purse is from Zara, top is from random shop, so is my short.

Wedding dinner outfit for my bestie wedding. Dress from online blogshop and same purse from above picture.

Another fitting room shot. Trying a black dress from H&M which I didn't ended up buying because I have too much black dress.

I bought the top from H&M and skirt is from Cotton On. For me, 80% of the time spent in fitting room is to pose and take photo. While the rest is checking out my body for new cellulite hahahaha

Trying out the crop top which turned out to be normal top for me and the pyjama style pant which Xiao S is strongly against me buying.

Grey basic top from FashionValet and white short from Zara which I refrained from buying because spending 200 bucks on a white short that I'll stain is not worth it.