Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Langkawi Day 3: Underwater World, Oriental Village & Sky Cab

Brave yourself because this will be the longest ever entry that I've written with lotsss of photos from my family vacation in Langkawi last month. On the third day, we decided to take things slowly and just explored whatever Langkawi has to offer. We drove back to Chenang as we wanted to start the day by visiting the Underwater World Langkawi. 

For RM30 entrance fee, I regretted this visit because there are nothing much to do there except watching the sea creatures swimming in their man made habitat. I did research online and found that that they have penguin feeding time which I somehow misunderstood as penguin show, I have no idea how that idea being planted in my head that there are penguin shows available, maybe because I thought it is similar to sea lion show in Singapore Zoo that I went to 2 years ago.

My parents decided to skip this tour as they already went the day before which my dad complained that my mom failed to appreciate or at least explore the underwater world. My mom basically just breezed through everything without stopping and ended her tour in just 10 minutes. 

With flamingo in the background

Actually they even have hens running around there. It was quite interesting but can only hold my attention for 5 minutes. I was much more anticipating the penguin feeding because I never see a real penguin before.

Playing with sharks along the pathway

Finally, penguins!

They are really cute and waddling with their wings flapped open. Omg, I really can't take it. Cuteness overload in the tank. When the staffs brought in a pail of fish for them, they waddled as quickly as their webbed feet allowed them, eagerly waiting for the staff to throw the fish for them. 

Up close and personal

Too bad the feeding time only lasted less than 15 minutes. Afterward we just wandered around checking out other fish and jelly fish.

Tired and refused to walk any further

There was a garden with fish ponds around them in the middle of the tour. It was calming and serene. The weather was fine as the morning rain just passed. 

The ugliest fish that I ever seen, it looks like something from the cartoon character

Beautiful jellyfish

After the Underwater World, we moved and drove over to Oriental Village for the cable car ride. The ride was about 30 minutes. We saw paddy fields, village houses and lots of blue sky fluffy clouds. It was a different change of scenery for our usual brick buildings and congested road. This is what a holiday should be about. It is even better for me as I was surrounded by my loved ones.

The duck tour boat

A duck tour boat greeted us in front of Oriental Village. This tour brings tourist around the area on the road as well as on the water. It is kinda cool but a bit pricey for us.

Le parents

Oriental Village houses shops that sell mostly souvenirs and handicrafts. Price wise, it is tourist standard. But if you dig deep enough, you will find some awesome cheap buy.

My siblings are really excited for the cable car ride but I was a bit nervous because I never like height and being moved in square container up on air is terrifying me.

Queuing up for tickets.

It is RM30 per person if you are MyKad holder and they included a Dome visit which is 4D short movie viewing. 

Each gondola can only fit 6 persons so we split for two gondolas. The total ride is 2.2km and the top station is at 708 meter above sea level.

I can definitely see the color is drained from Shirly's face hahaha

My fake smile

Surprisingly the ride was smooth and not as shaky as Genting Cable Car that I've rode years ago. We can see the Andaman sea view and the surrounding forest. With the rented binocular, I even spotted someone on jet ski on the sea. 

It is much more beautiful in real life than picture,

We reached the middle station and it was so cloudy there. The cloud were like 'Boom, we're in your face' It was 650m above sea level and the air feel so dry and quite cold too. I felt lightheaded, not sure if it was due to lack of air or the height.

My parents with their gondola partners

Queuing again to board the gondola to go to the top station

It was so high that we were covered by the clouds. My feet felt weak and my hands were covered in sweat. It was terrifying yet beautiful at the same time. Once I focused on the view, I felt a lot calmer, although I did shouted at the bf for moving around so much in the gondola. Ishhh, I don't want my gondola swaying left and right at 700m above sea level. It is not funny, okay!

The Seven Well waterfall, this photo was zoomed in hence blurry

Just realized the poster behind me is creepy. It looks as if the girl is hanging on to our gondola for her dear life.

The sky bridge at the top station was closed due to maintenance, it was a bit disappointing for us. I mean it will be so much cooler and the view will be fantastic from there. But I doubt I would walk on the bridge anyway. We had ice creams and burgers on the top station for a light lunch. Afterward we board the gondola again to get down to the base. The ride back to the base was a breeze and very quick actually. 

After exploring Oriental Village and lunch at the cafe, we moved on to our next destination. I wanted to go for horse riding so we drove to the nearby stable which I spotted on the cable car ride. 

We saw monkeys along the road again, seriously they were everywhere

I forgot the name of the stable that we went to but it is run by British couple with their daughters. Maybe it is Perdana Stables. The rate is RM120 per hour which a little over our budget, I gotta admit I chickened out too when I saw the stallion roaring in the stall. Instead we explored the stable and talked to the owner which I already forgot her name about horses and her daughters which are riders.

This is the friendly one whom trying to sniff me ='=

Too bad we didn't get to stay to watch the younger daughter training for her ride. My parents were tired after all the walking and wanted to go back to the hotel for nap. We missed Seven Well Waterfall and Black Sand Beach on this trip.

Sorry the sun too bright!

We planned for a swim in the pool since we're back to the hotel early. But as soon as we reached the pool, a CLOSED sign greeted us. Damn, the pool was closed due to bad weather forecast. Disappointed, we joined my parents at the hotel cafe for light snack. We just sat there and eat with the company of waves crashing into the rocks while waiting for sunset.

It was perfect way to end the day.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Overnight challenge accepted

Just a short update because I just got back from Bintulu. It was a super tiring day. The trip was totally last minute and supposed to be a day trip. That's why I didn't pack anything at all. I only brought my usual bag contents eg: contact lens solution, glasses, power bank. phone cable, wallet, tissue, panty liners and etc.

Guess what?! I've survived the overnight challenge.

I'm the sort of person whom tend to over pack for trip. Sometimes, I even pack pillows, towels (notice the s) and lots of extra tops for a weekend trip.

So the impromptu day trip turned overnight trip really challenged me. I was annoyed at first knowing that I have zero stuff that I needed. Can't you believe that I slept with my make up on because they don't have make up remover and also I don't want to wipe my eyebrow pencil away because I don't want to be brow-less the next day.

I was very tempted to rush to nearby supermarket to get everything that I needed but I was seriously overwhelmed with all the dramas around me and couldn't tear myself away. It is really heartbreaking to see things have to end that way but maybe it's for the better.

Drama aside, I was actually enjoying the carefree feeling about having nothing prepared. I wore Tze (the bf's sis) clothes and thank God I decided to wear my flat yesterday. It matches everything. I even wore it to trekking last week.

The fake cry king trying to get his way but fail. hahaha he's so cute when he's in good mood but when he's in bad mood, I prefer to not deal with it.

Loaned OOTD : Dress and cardigan all from Tze. Which I kinda love. 

This is the second week in a row that I have been going to church at Bintulu. Eden (Fake cry king aka Tze's son) is being baptized today, Plus the priest topic today was quite interesting and I've talked about it in my Dayre Day 264

McD Drive Through for our trip home.

I'm really tired now and want to retired to bed but I guess I'll end up on Youtube before bed. I really miss my bed so much. 

Side note, Pino been having diarrhea today and he ended up went in the house which really upset us. Initially, I thought he did it for attention but turned out he really couldn't hold it any longer when I witnessed him letting go in my room T_T Thankfully, I still able to bring him outside to finish his business. We couldn't figure out what triggers the diarrhea. I hope he'll be better tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend in Bintulu

I went to Bintulu with the bf and his parents last weekend. It was rather an impromptu plan because I was supposed to go to Kuching with my family to visit my brother but my dad cancelled last minute.

It was a super early car ride as early as 4am. fml. I hate early morning car ride like this because it it 1) too early, literally at the break of the dawn. 2) too sleepy even though I'm not the one whom driving. Anyway, I slept for the whole 3 hours ride despite being grumpy due to the interrupted sleep.  

Kuching laksa at Bintulu for breakfast

After breakfast we went back to his sister's house to rest and I continued napping until noon. Best feeling ever to wake up with full energy.

A cheeky selfie with the cheeky monster

We hang around the house chitchatting for awhile when suddenly his mom blurted out "难怪你们会肥咯,你们家没有镜子" hahahahha 

She was actually looking for mirror because she wanted to check her hair out but couldn't find out and blurted that one out. 

A selfie at the beach

The usual evening activity everytime I'm in Bintulu is to go to the beach. Nothing has changed though. 

There are the reflexology path located at the playground and we were eager to try that one out. Fml super painful to walk on the uneven stone surface bare foot. Haih, I'm really not healthy as I thought I am.

We got woken up as early as 7.30am the next day for church service. Having less than 5 hours of sleep, I remained grumpy for the second day. Furthermore, I was woken up by the monster pulling my hair wtf. 

We joined his family for church service, I use the term joined loosely because if not forced, both of us won't be going. We slept around 2am the night before and I got woken up by a child. Lack of sleep + woken up rudely = not a good way to start the day.

I was so sleepy during the mass that I didn't catch what the priest was trying to deliver. To be honest, I don't like being forced for church service because I know my heart won't be in it and I will not pay attention. That's why I only go to church on my own term, when I know I'm ready to focus rather than trying to fight my sleepiness. 

Bare face because no time to get ready

We were supposed to go back to Sibu in the afternoon but 5 mins before getting in the car, someone suggested that we go fruit picking in the orchard and barbeque at night. I wanted to go home for dinner with my family because my bro will fly back to his uni the next day (monday) but what to do. I don't want to be wet blanket for everyone.

Jungle trekking in style

I have no appropriate outfit and extra top so I just went like that. The orchard was located on a hill and it was tiring. 

Face almost as red as my shoes wtf

Can you spot the fruits on this tree? There are more than 20 fruits there.

Trip back home is another day of waking up at the crack of dawn. We left Bintulu at 4am and it was pouring rain. But I had good 3 hours of sleep and only waking up when they reached my house at 7.30am. 

I took my shower and dashed to work afterward. Still made it on time for work #achievementunlock

So that's how I spent my last weekend,