Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Your roof, your rules

Dreaming of my next getaway - suzmellisa

I'm all packed and ready to fly off tomorrow night for a trip with my friends and afterward joining my sisters for a fun shopping trip, something that I'd been looking forward for a long time. Every girl needs a little retail therapy once in a while. Lie

Anyway, things are not quite good for me right now. Still feeling shocked and taken aback by a recent incident happening under my roof. People really surprises me sometimes.

No use keep thinking and crying over the spilled milk, so I'm just gonna leave it there. There are way more important things in life that I should focus on. At least I had learnt my lesson, you is the person that I vow to not turn into when I have my own family.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The day I've decided to cook birthday dinner for my mom

So, someone turned 47 27 over the weekend.
woot woot!

Happy birthday mummy!

Instead of our usual dining out to celebrate, this year I've decided to cook for all of us.
It was an impromptu decision. I was doing grocery shopping with my sister and we came to the frozen aisle where I spotted a whole chicken and remember a roast chicken recipe that I had been wanting to try.

Brother and sister were missing here because they're out of town.

Our spread for the night.

On the menu are roast chicken, grilled bacon satay, tofu and veggies soup, kangkong goreng which was not featured here, cincalok omelette and mash potatoes.
Everything were mixed and match.

The verdict for the dinner from my mom:
1) Roast chicken - Good
2) Tofu and veggies soup - Good
3) kangkong goreng - should have trimmed off more of the stems
4) cincalok omelette - too salty because too much cincalok
5) Grilled bacon stay - totally failed because it was very salty and not crispy
6) mash potatoes - Good

Oh well, at least I've tried and kinda falling in love with cooking.

My star dish of the night. We licked it clean. The skin didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be, crispy brown but it was really good.

I guess the key to a great roast chicken is the marinate and cooking time.
Will share the recipe next time if anyone keen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day Trip at Kuching

Posting some backdated photos from February because I love it. Hahaha

Good lighting is the secret to healthy glowing skin on camera. 

Lunch at Bak Kut Teh with my family. I used to really love the BKT here but over the years, the taste has changed and the ingredients left are 3 pieces of meats and 3 stalks of veggies.

The one opposite Parkson has better BKT with creamier soup and lots of ingredients, plus it worth the money.

A week prior to Chinese New Year, I went on a daytrip to Kuching just to shopping. The initial plan was to shop for my CNY clothes there but I came back with only one item of clothing which is a pyjama top. #fail. Lucky online shopping came to the rescue.

In flight selfie with the bf. 

I really love how fate works in this universe. It created such a great timing for two people whom had not meet for almost a year or two to cross path at the airport.

Met my long time bestie from uni before he took off on a flight to attend his training for another 9 months. It was a brief 5 minutes but at least I get to talk and wished him luck. Can't wait to see you again, Abang!

I thought I would be the one that will came home with lots of shopping bags but it turned out to be the bf. I'm not that excited to shop in store for clothes as well because H&M and Cotton On carries the same designs/styles and nothing really up my alley. But I did had a splendid time browsing at Sephora, half constraining myself from buying all the makeup and skin care. Nearly lost my self control in there, phew.

Brain freeze with my Mocha from Starbucks.

Now move on to the interesting part, my shopping haul!

All of these are from SaSa. I got all of these on a deal except for the Cyber Color Eyebrow Pencils.

But I ended up selling the perfume because 1) I already had too much perfume 2) my bf has the same perfume. 

Masks are free gifts from SaSa and the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream is my lucky draw gift from The Springs. The rest are from Sephora. The mini Benefit items except for Porefessional are my birthday gifts from Sephora card. Actually this is the main reason why I insisted on this day trip. I want to claim my birthday gifts. And of course, I miss Kuching life. 

I am so excited now because in about a week time, I will be going to Cambodia. I'm really excited to visit the famous Angkor Wat and having Khmer dishes. It will be a different experience because we will be exploring Phnom Penh and Siam Reap on our own.

Having done lots of research and reading about history and background of those places will not be the same as in exploring it. Now I need to get back to my packing list and itinerary. Bye!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Not the right time

I almost take the plunge and take the biggest commitment ever in my life today. And I'm not even talking about marriage. I almost bought a house. When I started working years ago, I told myself that I should own a property on my own by the age of 25.

Yeah, the young me was so naive.

I had been on a lookout for a house that suits my budget and found one last week. It is a brand new project from a first time developer. I went to the site to survey the area and quite like it. I even done some intensive research on everything from mortgage loan, MRTA, legal fees etc. It feels like I'm reliving my Personal Banker day.

However I still have doubt about this decision. Committing myself to a mortgage means that I have to cut back on my spending. Means no more holidays as often as I want. Whenever I see anything that I like, I'll have to tell myself, xxx equals to 20 tiles and so on. Everything will revolves around the house.

I talked to some of my ex-colleagues and they told me only go for the house if I am really ready, financially and emotionally. I should decide if I ever to buy the house, what is it for, investment or for myself to live in? How about the maintenance of the house? IS the location really good?

After all the talking, I've decided to hold back this year. There's no use to rush the decision because of GST and everything. I don't want to empty my savings just for the sake of owning a property. I'm sad to let go of the house, it has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (this is a huge point for me) but I believe I'll found another house that can make me fall in love with it again.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Finally I'm back to the blogging groove. Really miss it but not enough to put more effort to blog more in February LOL.

So back to what has been happening in February. Let's start with Chinese New Year. I was freaking out a week before the festive season because I had no new clothes to wear. This year I vowed to put on something red on the first day to get myself into the festive mood and hopefully be more ong hahaha

Found this lovely red lace dress online and I'm in love with it. I love my fresh make up look too. It was all worth the early hour woke up to get ready. 

Us in matching red.

One more with the critter. 

Our reunion dinner on CNY eve

This year is my third year celebrating Chinese New Year with the bf and his family. Flashing back I was really awkward around his family and now we've break all the ice. 

Sorry for the low quality photo but this is the only photo that I've got with all of us in it.

Went visiting on the first day till I knocked out in the evening.

Continue with my lace trend for Day 2. I have mix feeling about the dress which I called my Frozen dress. It doesn't fit well but I got it on discount. Oh well..

Day 2 of Chinese New Year was spent at my boss's place for feast and at home lazing with my cousins as well as hanging out with my friends at night. It was a great long weekend for me to catch up with everyone and something that I had learnt this year is gambling lol. But I'm not that good and kept losing money afterward.

I hope in this Goat year everything will be amehzing for me. #lamepun but I couldn't resist hahaha.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Checking in

I miss my blog so much!!!

I haven't blog here at all this month. Blame it all on Dayre. I have been updating my Dayre daily since first day of 2015. I agree it is so convenience if compared to the traditional blog but it can never replace this blog for me.

So here I am now, let's pick up where I left it last month. February is a busy month for me, mostly to catch up with friends since everyone is back for Chinese New Year.

All red for Chinese New Year 2015

Will update properly once I sort out my photos.